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DarkCosmos Staff List

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 13, 2007 7:40 pm    Post subject: DarkCosmos Staff List If a post contains some illegal issues you may abuse on it - just click Abuse and fill the form Reply with quote


Aurals are the basic DarkCosmos Moderators. They watch over the forums they moderate, and ensure that everything within them flows well. They look out for spam posts, and either lock or delete those topics. They try to be a friend to the normal members, helping out any way they can.

How to become an Aural: Fill out the M.A.T. (Moderator Application Test) in the Announcements forum, PM me your answers, and await my approval. However, at the time being, new moderators to be added to the existing staff will be handpicked by said existing staff to join them, so it is partially contingent on the decisions of the existing staff (of whether a new staff member is needed or not).

Current Aurals:

I am like Snake because I'm...wise and strong. I'm also like him because I love action, and am always rearing to go.

I am like Rotom because I have a shy, cryptic personality, alike Rotom who hides in a TV set.

I am Auron in many ways. I am the loner type who can work alone, but at the same time has the ability to work with others. I have an air of mystery about me that sets me apart from others. Deep down I am a character deep in thoughts. Weapon of choice, the sword.

I am like Jirachi because I am a (mainly Web) developer, and I like Jirachi most. I grant some people's wishes of getting a web site because sometimes I help people to build their web sites.

I'm like the yeti from SkiFree because we're both cool customers and very suave. Wink

Life Aurals

For the most part, Life Aurals are like normal Aurals, with one major difference: They have the power to moderate every forum. They are known for not abusing their power, their ability to keep order well, and, as always, to be on friendly terms with the active members.

How to become a Life Aurals: Currently, no way at all. There will be no application at all in the future; they will be handpicked by the Dark Aurals.

Current Life Aurals:

What to say? Well, I'm friendly most of the time, I'm a good fan fic writer and you can count on me whenever you need an advice for building up sets for your pkmn for the metagame... non-smogon style... This aside, I like Flygon and Ledian best.

I am Salamence. Wise, fierce, and strong. But deep down, I have a weaker side. My kind, gentle, friendly, caring side. I am very distrusting, and won't show that side easily, but instead, laugh everything off.

I am like Colonel in one way, my passion and joy were stripped away from me years ago, and now I'm a ruthless, merciless fighting machine.

Dark Aurals

Dark Aurals are the administrators of the site. As with Life Aurals, they moderate every forum, remain on friendly terms, do not abuse power, and keep order well. They also have the authority to modify the existing forums, insomuch as being able to split or combine existing forums; they also are the ones who give users their moderator privileges, can even make other users Dark Aurals like themselves, and they are also the ones who put users on probation, or ban them if need be.

How to become a Dark Aural: Currently, no way at all. There will be no application at all in the future; they will be handpicked by the already existing Dark Aurals to join them.

Current Dark Aurals:

To be edited...

I am like Searchman(Serchman) Because I like to sneak up on people, am very sneaky, and like to run around like I have a sniper rifle in my hand.

I am like ShadowMan in many ways. I am ruthless and sneaky, I prefer not to let others know what I have done to them. I sometimes rely on others to keep me away from the predictable and unpredictable.

I am like Bass in several ways. I trust no one but myself, am somewhat dark in nature, and confidently rely on my own power.

If you encounter a problem with a specific forum, don't immediately go to the Dark Aurals, unless the problem is a spam poster. Instead, go directly to the forum moderator first (if there is one), and talk to them in PM about the problem. They will be happy to help and assist you in any way they can.

Rules of DarkCosmos, updated 29th April 2009
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