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Forum Affiliates

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 24, 2009 4:39 am    Post subject: Forum Affiliates If a post contains some illegal issues you may abuse on it - just click Abuse and fill the form Reply with quote

Our current Affiliates:

The Spriting Shack

Site Administrators: tennis8668 (tennis8668), (Swampert20), ShamanLord (Omega)

The Spriting Shack is a site dedicated to have the largest, if not one of the largest, database of spriting guides and tips over the internet. It includes the basics to most any sprite artwork, such as cropping and recoloring. The admins, Tennis8668 and Swampert20, may be young, but they make up for it in both experience and maturity.

The Pokemon Mansion

Site Administrators: CrystalHikari (Sweet Candace), ShamanLord (Bass)

The Pokemon Mansion is a site that keeps up-to-date with the latest Pokemon news. It also has several guides on occurrences in Diamond and Pearl, such as a honey tree guide, a happiness guide, and a Trophy Garden guide, among others. The forum has various sections which are centers for activity. The staff there is very friendly, but as it is a Mansion, don't be surprised to see ghosts lurking around...

MegaPoke Chat Realm

Site Administrators: (Timaeus EXE), (Tayo-Sama), ShamanLord (DNA)

MegaPoke Chat Realm is a forum, like DarkCosmos, devoted to the discussion of both Pokemon and Megaman games, though primarily Megaman. The site owner and creator is timaeus22222 of Youtube, and as such there are many videos featured with his trademarked MMBN6 "Timaeus Patch". The site also features an RPG, so it's very likely that at least one, if not all of these areas will pique your interest.

(The parentheses indicate the user's names on the other sites. Those not in parentheses indicate the user's name on DarkCosmos, if applicable.)
Rules of DarkCosmos, updated 29th April 2009
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