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Mega Man 2 Guide Robot Masters

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 10, 2008 1:06 am    Post subject: Mega Man 2 Guide Robot Masters If a post contains some illegal issues you may abuse on it - just click Abuse and fill the form Reply with quote

This is a guide on how to defeat the 8 Robot Masters in Mega Man 2

The Robot Masters are arranged in order of weakness, they are weak to the Robot above them.

Flashman: The first Robot Master you should fight. His weapon the Flash Stopper allows you to momentarily stop time. When fighting him he runs into you or stops time then shoots you with his Flash Buster. His stage is rather easy to get by, no real threats, it's a little slippery though.

Quickman: He is extremely fast, though many think his stage to be harder than him. He moves around and tries to hit you with his Quick Boomerangs, the Flash Stopper when at full power will take away half his HP at the start. His stage is probably the most annoying one, the quick lasers that come out kill you in one hit.

Metalman: When you fight him the floor is a conveyor belt that he occasionally switches around. He'll throw Metal Blades at you, sometimes 2 or 3, just be ready to jump. The Quick Boomerang should stop him easily. His stage is easy except for the conveyor belts might throw you off, there are a couple of dangerous jumps. The spikes at the beginning are annoying.

Woodman: He has a set pattern, first Wood Shield, then he calls down leaves and throws the shield right at you. The Metal Blade will cut him up though. No real threats on his stage except for those fire-breathing dogs.

Airman: Even with the Wood Shield Airman is a real hard boss. He'll blow his Air Shooter at you that are nearly unavoidable, once he blows two sets of tornadoes he'll leap over to the other side of the arena, that's your chance to hit him with the Wood Shield. His stage is all empty space, be careful with the jumps.

Crashman: Near-impossible without the Air Shooter. He jumps around wildly and throws Crash Bombs everywhere, time the Air Shooter just right so that it'll hit him. His stage has alot of waiting, not for the impatient.

Bubbleman: He'll shoot bubbles made of lead at you, though overall he's easy. Even though I put him under Crashman, he's mainly weak to the Metal Blade. Because his stage is underwater your jumping power is upped, many spikes are in his stage so you have to time your jumps, especially if the spikes are on the ceiling.

Heatman: Normally the last fought boss, since you can use Item-2 to pass his stage. He can summon Fire Towers/Atomic Fire to block your attacks, these are easily dodged. If you ever hit him though, even with his weakness the Bubble Lead, he'll engulf himself in flame and throw himself at you in a flaming tackle. His stage brings an annoying feature in Megaman summoning blocks. These blocks appear then disappear, there is one hard part on his stage that most of the time requires Item-2.

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