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Pokemon, Fighting Dreamers 1: Andy's Revenge
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Author Message
Life Aural
Life Aural

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 20, 2008 10:38 pm    Post subject: If a post contains some illegal issues you may abuse on it - just click Abuse and fill the form Reply with quote

So, we got yet another battle, had some good news from Zangoose's recovery, had some cameos for Sue and an intriguing final part! However, there were some stuff that looked just plain weird to me.

For example, the short scene at the waiting room where everyone sat there doing nothing was... umm... useless? Why didn't they just get to the restaurant at that?

Or the weird stuff about Sentret at the restaurant... you see, I know you wanted to play around in the scene just to make it not too boring, but when you're in the middle of a remembering of a fateful encounter long ago, you usually don't laugh at some girl's accident at a battle she had... because no, laughing at a girl does not make her swoon.

What about the oddly-described battle from earlier? I mean, why so serious? These pkmn have not too much physical strenght to give such hard blows; please, try to think of a battle that doesn't need blood, broken ribs, cracked heads, or deep wounds to try make it look harsh or serious, will ya? Because seriously... it doesn't work.

Overall, I think this chapter isn't of the same calibre than earlier ones, I just hope you do it better next time, it looks interesting from here.

Btw, Zubat doesn't get Poison Sting... not to my knowledge; perhaps you'd like to use Bulbapedia, Psypokes, Serebii, and such, to confirm.


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King of Dragons
King of Dragons

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 24, 2008 12:05 am    Post subject: If a post contains some illegal issues you may abuse on it - just click Abuse and fill the form Reply with quote

Well, AABM, thank you for the advice. I will take it all into mind.

And now, here's the next chapter. (I took your advice this time, and it looks good to me.)

No, this is not a re do. This is the next chapter. A few things might intruige you, if so, I will explain at the end of my post.

And yes, the battle style of Andy is explained thoroughly here.

Chapter 16: Friends and Foes

The battle between Andy and Susan began in the arid Sevault canyon, as they stood opposite each other, ready to fight. The scenery seemed perfect for a good battle. They were surrounded by rocky formations, boulders, and dry, red sand. The wind blew slightly, and the sunlight was a tad low due to the rocky canyon’s various hills, that cast shadows all around.

On Susan’s side stood Vulpix, the small pale eyed fox with reddish orange fur, a little thicker at the tails and the head. And a white cream color in the stomach. And small paws of a darker red.

Beside Vulpix stood Ralts, the short, white creature with no legs, and short, stubby arms. It’s head seemed to have a green helmet split into two sides, with two small red plates protruding from the top of it’s head.

On Andy’s side stood Sentret, short, dark eyed with a small nose, a long, brown and almond striped tail, small limbs, and black ears with pink flesh.

Beside Sentret stood Zubat, the quick and agile purple and blue bat, with large ears and no eyes, or feet. Only a small pair of tails.

The two duos of Pokemon stood in front of their trainers, facing each other. Ralts bluntly looking forward, Vulpix, low to the ground, ears raised, teeth bared. Sentret standing on it’s tail, ears twitching. Zubat hovering up above, squeaking.

Susan had cleared the area enough that the Pokemon could fight, yet left enough rocks and dirt for it to be rougher on the Pokemon. Or maybe she had picked out the spot, Andy wasn’t sure. They stood there, looking at each other, neither ready to utter a command.

There would be no referee, as these anything-goes battles were better, rougher. Rick sat on a large boulder, ready for what seemed would be an entertaining battle between two young trainers. Neither trainer moved for the longest of time, neither turned to look up at Rick, or the sun, or the various patches of grass, or the rock formations, the occasional bird Pokemon flying by, or anything.

Andy began to get anxious, but his strategy relied on allowing his opponent to move, to see what they could do, and it also relied on defense, and using it against the opponent as an offense. But what his strategy most relied on was speed, reflex and speed. Agility. Swiftness. Precision. But what he needed now to carry that out was patience. The patience to wait and see what Susan could do. Without this, he couldn’t carry out his strategy of defense and speed.

Susan began to twitch. Andy saw she was losing her patience, and for a moment, it became, not a Pokemon battle, but a battle to see who would give up first and move. But, the real battle was what was coming once someone moved.

“Come on! Do something, people!” screamed Rick from above, but they did not even twitch. Their eyes were locked, and they were looking into each other’s eyes for slight flexes, twitches, or signs of impatience. But none came.

Both trainers were willing to wait long enough for the other to move. Susan blinked. Andy knew by the look she gave him that she was close to moving.

Finally, she yelled her orders. Just as Andy had expected. As soon as she screamed, the battle had begun.

“Vulpix, Will-O-Wisp!”

Vulpix jumped forward, glowing, and opened its mouth, screeching, to let loose over a dozen balls of blue and black flames that headed for both of Andy’s Pokemon.

Andy had expected a sudden attack, and he, too, was ready to take action. He quickly scanned the area for rocks where Sentret could hide in, or and area more above where Zubat could hover to.

“Zubat, fly higher, please! Sentret, try to hide behind that rock!” he screamed, pointing at a rock a few feet away from Sentret, at least twice as large as the small mammal.

Zubat flew high, dodging the first barrage of flaming projectiles. Sentret tried to run to the rock, but it was too slow for the fire, and Andy had no choice but to at least allow Sentret to get less damage.

“Defense curl, Sentret!” Andy screamed.

Right before the flames arrived, Sentret curled up, the glowing barrier forming around it. The flames became nothing but vapor and smoke as they hit the shimmering barrier. But Susan was ready to counterattack, and she altogether had this planned.

“Ralts! It’s your time! Use Confusion!”

Ralts lifted it’s head up to reveal it’s small brown eyes, but they began to glow blue, and it opened it’s mouth and gave a clear sighing voice sound, and an invisible form of energy was felt radiating through the field, Sentret, who now stood in a normal stance, was knocked off it’s feet backwards. Zubat began to glow and was dropped to the ground.

As soon as they were on the ground Ralt’s eyes turned normal again and both of Andy’s Pokemon could move again. She had been right, she was good with double battles, Andy, having never had a double battle, was not good at synchronizing everything.

Susan, taking advantage of Andy’s frustration, screamed,

“Ralts, teleport, and Vulpix, quick attack!”

Ralts’ eyes glowed once more and it disappeared into the air around it, which seemed to glow for a split second and become one with the small white creature. Vulpix growled and began to give doglike yelps, and ran with blinding speed towards Andy and his two Pokemon.

“Defense curl, Sentret, Wing Attack, Zubat!” yelled Andy.

As Vulpix ran at Sentret, and was about to strike, it hit nothing but the barrier around the tight fur ball that was Sentret. Then, as Ralts began to head to Zubat, Zubat flew up higher and dove down towards the small fox.

As the small bat began to reach its target, the space in front of Vulpix glowed, and Ralts appeared, staring straight at the blue bat.

“Confusion!” screamed Susan.

Ralts once again squeaked, eyes glowing, and, just before Zubat hit it, Zubat stopped in midair, and fell straight down as if it had hit an invisible wall. Andy was amazed at the skill Susan was displaying, she was not using force, but rather strategy. And this was bad, Zubat hated Psychic moves. Andy would have to begin to use strategy as well.

“Sentret, bluff charge the Ralts, if it teleports, use quick attack on Vulpix. Zubat, use wing attack on my cue. On Ralts.”

Both Pokemon understood.
Sentret ran at Ralts, and Susan did not waste time.


Ralts disappeared.

“Now, Zubat! Now, Sentret!” screamed Andy.

Zubat came down to attack Ralts with sharp wings just as Ralts appeared farther to the left, and Sentret changed position and tackled Vulpix with blinding speed. Susan looked outraged that Andy had used such a tricky strategy. Andy smirked at her and taunted her by winking, giving a thumbs-up.

Susan became angry, as Andy expected, and decided to change her plans of action, just for a while, to sheer force, in an attempt to make her true strategy unclear.

“Ralts! Magical leaf on both Pokemon, but only after you, Vulpix, attack both Pokemon with ember!”

Vulpix let loose charging balls of smoke that barraged both Sentret and Zubat unexpectedly, letting them erupt into flames in various parts of their bodies. Ralts saw her cue and it’s whole body glowed, letting loose dozens of glowing leaves.

“Oh, no! Sentret, run this way, Zubat, fly higher!”

Little Andy knew that magical leaf’s leaves followed their targets until they hit.

Sentret ran with blinding speed, it seemed as though the leaves would not hit, but it eventually tripped on the rocky ground, and glowing leaves hit it from all sides. When they touched Sentret’s body, they seemed to go ablaze.

Zubat flew up high, and to the sides, evading any bypassing leaf, but eventually, all the leaves had gone in the same direction, and as Zubat veered upwards, it was hit by them all, from all sides as well. It fell down, lit up in color changing flames. As it fell, smoke wafted from it’s body. Neither Pokemon moved.

“No!” screamed Andy. He had started off well, how could he have lost like this? And to this girl!

Andy fell to his knees, sweating, teeth chattering, as he looked downwards, holding himself up with his hands, his reddish blond hair trailed all around his face, obscuring his eyes, which were ablaze, and would have shown the frenzy of feelings he had in him. What was worse was him imagining the triumph his opponent felt, and knowing that that could have been him.

Susan looked triumphant, she clasped her hands together in front of her chest and gave a clear peal of triumphant laughter in a very girly voice.

Andy looked up at her, her two Pokemon standing beside her, one on each side. She gave small spinning motions, her green eyes glittering with happiness. She saw Andy looking at her, and caught a hold of herself, giving an embarrassed cough.

“You fought well, thank you for the nice battle.” She said, walking up to him and holding up a hand.

Andy wondered what she was doing, his loss blurred his mind a little, and he held up the S.S. Ticket to her. He was not mad because of losing the ticket, but for losing the battle. When she didn’t take it, he realized she wished to help him up.

He gave her his hand, and she pulled him up. He let go and then nodded, and smiled. They shook hands.
Then he handed her the ticket, and now she took it. He did not know what to do now, and ran his hand through his hair, then held up the Premier and Dusk balls in one hand.

“You two fought well. Return.” he whispered. Two different beams of light hit their targets, and the two fainted Pokemon went out of sight.

“Don’t feel so bad. You fought very good, and it was fun to battle you.” she said, sounding very truthful.

Andy looked up at her, to see that she looked back, smiling, hoping to cheer him up. He admired her for being so clever and strong, and for being such a good sportsman, and for trying to cheer him up.

“That’s ok. I know all trainers must lose as they must win, and if I have to accept my wins, I need to accept my losses as well. Thank you.”

She smiled wider, then with a smile at Andy, and a dismissing nod at Rick, she walked away, satisfied.

“Aww…will you wook at the ookey pooky lovebird.” teased an all too familiar and unpleasant voice. “But I expected less from ya…I thought you were a queer.” said the voice in a very mocking tone.

Both Andy and Rick turned to a small, bare, dry tree on the far side of the small valley. And on top of the tree sat Andy’s former opponent, tall, slender, purple haired, maroon eyed, turning a large switchblade around in his hand.

“Jason.” hissed Andy. “You should mind your business. I don’t like Susan that way, and if I did, it would not be your problem.”

“Aw, hell, I’ll tell you all I like, twerp.” he said. He spat, then he jumped off the tree, walking towards Andy.

Rick jumped off the boulder and got in front of Andy.

“Hey, hey, my buddy here’s not alone, Ok?” said Rick, glaring intensely at Jason Harvey.

“And who the hell are you?” he said in a voice all too much like the hiss of a snake.

“I’m Andy’s friend, and I won’t let you pick on him as you please.” said Rick, more worried about the knife in Jason’s hand. Jason noticed this, so he put it away, saying,

“Aw, don’t worry, I don’t hunt rats. But just so you know, I’m not alone either.” he said.

Two boys emerged from behind the trees, both short, skinny, and brown haired. One of them looked different because he had a scar on his eye. Both had long, pointed noses, sharp, mouse like eyes, and taunting expressions on their faces as they approached the group and stood behind Jason.

“Twins, if these rabid pests try to bite me, exterminate them.” Jason hissed.

“What the hell do you want?!” screamed Andy.

“Sh-shu-shu-shush.” said Jason, putting a finger to his lips. “We were just wandering around, looking for folks with a bit of money to spare.”

When he said this, the two twins balled their hands into fists.

“Ah, so you’re holding us up for money, eh?” said Rick.
“Hush it.” said one of the twins in a hoarse voice.

“Hey, hey, hey.” Rick was saying, clenching his fists and walking to the three when a cold, clear scream was heard a few feet away from a path in the rugged land.

“Susan!” screamed Andy, running towards the path of orange sand.

Rick stuck his tongue out at Jason, smirked at the twins, then ran after Andy, who was to be at Susan’s rescue.

He found Andy in a clearing, holding his hands up as a short, fat black haired boy aimed a gun at him. Susan stood feet away, on her hands and feet, whimpering and whining like a cat.

“What’s the big idea!?” asked Rick, but shut his mouth and brought his hands up as the twins came up, tickling the sides of his neck with their knives. Jason cackled from behind.

“You like my gang, Andy? We’re the Skulls, and we’d like for you all to fork over your goods!” said Jason.

“Help me, Andy.” said Susan as a fifth teen, red haired and tall, tried to check her pockets.

“Hah! Gang? There’s only five of you fools!” said Rick.

“Shut it!” said one of the twins, hitting Rick on the head.

Rick turned around and socked him in the stomach. At the same time the fat kid shot at him, but missed as Rick bent down to pick up a bunch of pebbles. Jason and the other twin ran, Jason at Rick, the other guy to help out his twin.

Rick punched Jason in the face, turned, and hit the boy with the gun in the forehead with a rock. The boy whimpered, pulling the trigger of the gun various times. He missed Rick all times, and almost hit the twins once.

Andy ran at the startled boy, who had no more ammo, and kicked him in the tenders. The boy collapsed to the ground, groaning. Meanwhile the red haired kid pulled Susan by the hair to reveal a few bruises on her face. Andy became angry.


A pebble hit the kid in the stomach, but not much damage was done. The kid just slapped Susan as payback to Andy and Rick. Susan whimpered, and fresh tears clouded her face.


The twins and Jason jumped Rick, hitting him and kicking him all over his body, bringing him to the ground. Meanwhile Andy and the redhead wrestled to the ground, the redhead choking Andy until Andy punched him in the face.

“Gar…you pay for this.” said the kid, and slapped Andy hard in the face. But a large force made the kid move off of Andy. It was Susan, who had stood up and given him a sharp kick in the side. Susan helped Andy up, then they both ran to the twins and Jason, who beat on Rick, as Rick tripped them and wrestled them.

The twins turned to lash out with knives at Andy and Susan, who began to run to the other side.
But on the other side stood the redhead. Behind the threatening twins, Rick punched Jason in the face hard, then socked him in the stomach, leaving him on the ground. Then Rick ran at the twins, but stopped short as he saw their steely knives.

“What’s all this about?!” screamed a male voice, coming from the hills above.

It was three men dressed in black jumpsuits, with red vests. They stood side by side, and began to run down the hill.

Jason got up and ran, the redhead ran the other path, as one of the twins ran up the rocky craggy plains, and the other ran where Jason had gone, only to trip on a stone and fall with a large crash.

The men got down, two of them grabbed Rick and Andy, while the one who had spoken grabbed the fallen twin by the shoulders and said,

“We’re the Sevault Canyon’s Pokemon Ranger force. What is going on?!”

You might have a few questions. I will make a few points.

-The thing about the gang may seem a bit off, but no. Sadly, there are teenagers who get a hold of weapons and are cruel to others.

-Why did the Rangers come? Because they guard the Canyon, it is like a natural reserve.

-Jason is not being personal with Andy, he just happened to try to ambush someone with money, and finds Andy.

I may have forgotten some things, so...yeah.

Edit: By the way, AABM, what news about Zangoose's recovery?
Chatango wrote:
AABM: This song is dedicated to all of you Pokémon Breeders out there: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLGVjrTG5LQ&feature=player_embedded


Drakontas: LOL @ breeding song.
I guess Ditto's a lucky Pokemon?

DNA: it gets it on good *hides*
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Life Aural
Life Aural

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 24, 2008 8:11 am    Post subject: If a post contains some illegal issues you may abuse on it - just click Abuse and fill the form Reply with quote

Yes, it was a lot better than last one. If I can give you an advice, notice the differences between this chapter and the one before it, point them out and work around them! It's easy Very Happy ... well, not really, it took me years to write as I do today.

All that aside, I see this battle's end was pretty much what I expected, I mean, that ralts was really the pain in the backside and I'm a bit unsettled as to how you describe the attacks...

Tell me, where do you take the descriptions off? The series? XD? Colosseum? Where?! I mean, I'm really starting to doubt there is any barrier when some pkmn uses Defense Curl, y'kno'? But whatever, that's out of question.

Not only did we get a nice battle, but we also got a scuffle between our kids and the SHKEWLZ! Boy, those guys are more annoying than Team Rocket themselves. And, What will these Ranger Guys do now?

I await next addition to this fic.

Btw, nvm about Zangoose, he's already okay.


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King of Dragons
King of Dragons

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 26, 2008 3:18 pm    Post subject: If a post contains some illegal issues you may abuse on it - just click Abuse and fill the form Reply with quote

Well, this here's a...I guess you could call it...a short utility chapter? Let me explain.

This here chapter was tough to write. For some reason, no matter how I try to solve the conflict about the skulls, it turns out tasteless. Like this chapter does not want to be written. I'm telling you, I had to remake this SEVEN times. Seven! And I stil don't know how it turned out!

Well, whatever. I had to get this chapter over with to go back to my main plot. And I'm telling you, the next chapter will be more exciting. It's just this chapter....it's like the chapter just could not be written well enough! So I just had to finish this ranger sequence so we could move on.

Chapter 17: Enter the trainer: Susan Kramer

In the dry, arid clearing, where patches of wild grass rustled dryly in cold mid Autumn wind, stood seven people. Seconds ago, in this clearing, there had been a fierce struggle between four crude, unknowing teenagers. Three rangers had come to investigate, and were determined to find out what was going on. They decided to introduce themselves, for good manners, and then investigate.

“Let’s try this again, kiddos.” said one of the rangers.

They let go of everyone and stood in front of the four teenagers.

“Hello, we are the Pokemon Ranger Force. I am Joe.” said the tall, bald, thin ranger.

He was tall, thin, bald, and wore sunglasses that obscured his eyes. Several wrinkles made his face look far too grumpy, along with all his facial features. He wore a black jumpsuit, a red cap, and a matching vest. A strange phone like device hung from the utility belt at his waist, along with a rope, a knife, and a type of identification card.

“I’m Mark.” said a short, chubbier, dark skinned ranger with long black hair, green eyes, a long, thin, pointed nose, and a small black goatee. His clothing was like Joe’s, but he lacked a utility belt.

Mark gestured at the youngest of these rangers. He had short, blond crew cut hair, blue eyes, and was just about your average late teen, nothing unusual. “This is Eric.” Eric waved.

“Now, mind telling us what the heck was going on?!” said Mark, impatient.

Nobody spoke. Everyone was too startled, and scared. Susan was the first to speak, after a long pause. So bold even in times like these. After the attack. After the beating she took. Andy admired her even more now.

“Those…jerks. Assaulted us for our money.” she gestured to her, Rick, and Andy, then continued speaking, pointing an accusing finger at the twin.

“And he was with them.”

“Yeah, she’s not lying. We only acted on self defense!” said Rick impatiently.

“And one of them had a gun.” finished Andy nervously.

“Is that so?” asked Eric, shutting up after a glare sent to him by Mark.

“Well, whatever they say, we must take them to base to be questioned officially.” said Joe.

The rangers led the teenagers up the hill to a desert camo colored four wheeler motorcycle, parked beside a topless blue all terrain land Jeep. Joe got on the four wheeler, putting a helmet on. He handed one to the twin that had not escaped, who took it, shot a glare at Andy, Rick, then Susan, put the helmet on, and got on the four wheeler, which sped off into the distance.

Mark got on the driver’s seat of the Jeep, then Eric urged Andy, Rick, and Susan respectively to the back seats. Then he got on the front passenger seat. Mark shifted the gears on the Jeep, and they were off in the direction the four wheeler had gone. As they went, the speeding land Jeep raised up a wake of sand. The cold mid Autumn air stung Andy’s cheeks as the Jeep sped off in the various sand dunes of the arid plains by Sevault Canyon. Andy could see a large wooden cabin in the distance, he hoped this would end soon. He had no fault in this, and had only been trying to protect Susan. At least he had saved her from further harm.

They reached the driveway of the large wooden cabin, with a long patrol window on one side, and a glass door. A large sign near the cabin’s entrance read, “Sevault Canyon Pokemon Ranger Complex”

They parked behind a patch of grass, beside Joe’s four wheeler, that was alone, already parked there. They all got off, then Eric and Mark urged the three teenagers into the complex. It was small, not what Andy had expected. A small, but welcoming wooden cabin.

They walked inside the two room cabin, into a small waiting room. All there was here was a few couches, a lamp, and a coffee table littered with various magazines and newspapers. This was the room where people waited for the assistance of the rangers.

They walked into the next room. It was larger, the ranger’s patrol and comfort room. Andy did not examine it too well, for his attention was on the twin, who stood glaring beside Joe, who spoke on the phone, apparently with a police officer. He spoke into the phone on the table.

“Yes…yes, officer. Four of them could not run. Yes, we’ll wait for you. Thank you.”

He hung up and turned to look at his comrades.

“Officer Jenny. She’ll be on her way. Should be here in a good ten minutes.” Joe said.

A doorbell rang in the other room.

“Oh, visitor with some problem. We’ll come back in a minute.” said Mark, him and Joe walked out of the room.

Eric was walking out, but came back in and gestured at the twin.

“What’s your name, kid?”

“Johnny.” said the twin between bared teeth.

“Well, Johnny, due to the circumstances, you can’t be with these other kids alone, so come with me, will you?” said Eric.

The small brown haired kid just nodded and walked with him. The room felt more awkward with Susan, Andy, and Rick standing there alone. Susan turned to look at Andy and Rick, she looked different with her scratches and bruises. Wild, almost. Scared, stunned, whatever you want to call it. Her expression changed to a grateful one. And then she spoke:

“You guys came to help me as soon as you heard me! I’m so grateful!”

“It’s ok, Sue, we did what we could.” answered Rick.

“Oh, you two!” she said, then ran up to Rick and hugged him around the stomach, him being too tall.

Then she turned to speak to Andy:

“And you, you were the first to come to my rescue. You could have been shot at!”

She surprised him by giving him a kiss on the cheek. Andy felt the color drain from his face. He had no clue what to say.

“It…it’s nothing, Susan. I had to do something.”
“Oh, you’re so sw-”

They were interrupted by the door opening and Eric leaning his big blond head into the room. Everyone jumped, startled, to look at him. He seemed to realize he had interrupted something, he paused for a moment. Then he swallowed, and spoke:

“Uh, I forgot to tell you. There’s some coffee over there on the counter, if you want some.”

He closed the door and left them alone again. Andy felt relieved. Rick looked around the room. Susan looked annoyed. Then, she coughed, to dismiss the moment, and walked to the coffee table, looking at what was there to put on the coffee. She had showed them their gratitude, and now, back to her proud self. This was her way of drawing the line.

Andy looked around the room. There was not much in the room. A shelf by the door with various magazines, a large couch in a corner, and three chairs by the door. There was also a long, rectangular table by the long patrol window. On the table was a computer, turned off. And an apparent log of the ranger’s missions. Then, the coffee maker, whirring away as Rick and Susan served themselves coffee.

Andy sighed. “If it weren’t for Jason, we wouldn’t be in this situation.” he said bitterly, clenching a hand into a shaking fist.

“Who the hell does he think he is?!” said Rick angrily.

“Aw, whatever. What happened, happened. What can we do now? Nothing.” said Susan.

The door opened. Eric, Mark, Joe, and Johnny filed in. Andy heard the sound of a motorcycle parking outside.

“She’s here.” said Eric, as if no one realized.

The door opened, and in walked a tall, thin woman in a blue police uniform.

“How have you been officer?” asked Joe.

“Well enough, Joseph, what happened?” she asked, clicking her fingers.

Joe began to explain briefly:

“Well, we were out on patrol. Heard gunshots and found about eight teenagers out there having a serious brawl. On the ground, wrestling, hitting each other like they wanted to kill each other. We called to them, and four of them ran away.”

Officer Jenny’s eyebrow lifted up. She looked at the four teens before her. Joe continued:

“These three did not try to run.” he gestured to Susan, Rick, and Andy.

“This one tried to run, but took a spectacular fall.” said Eric, pointing to “Johnny”.

“Well, we need to know what truly happened.” said the officer, looking at them.

“The ones who ran attacked us! He was with them!” screamed Susan pointing to a glaring Johnny.

“Is that so?” asked the officer, looking at Johnny in the eye. He shook his head no.

“Well, we can’t do anything as long as he refuses this.” said the officer.

“What?!” said Susan, “If he did it, it’s obvious he’ll lie!”

The officer shook her head.

“Yes, but then it’s also liable that you’re lying.” she said.

“We’re not lying!” screamed Rick. “These guys attacked us for our money! We only acted in defense! And besides, they were armed, we were not!” he screamed frantically, angry that the officer was so calm.

“If this is so, then, Eric, Mark, search Johnny.” she said.

Eric and Mark began to run their hands up and down Johnny’s body, wherever he had clothes on. They tapped his shoes, and felt his sleeves, but found nothing until Eric stuck his hand into Johnny’s right pocket, and drew out a large pocketknife with a skull on it’s handle. He handed it to officer Jenny, who examined if for some time, then put it on the counter by the coffee maker.

“So they’re telling the truth?” she said, looking Johnny in the eye.

“No!” he screamed.

“Then tell me, why did you try to run from the officers. And why is there a blade in your pocket?!” she said, losing patience.

“I DON’T KNOW!” he screamed, and tried to run from the room. Eric tackled him to the ground, where he began to whimper like an injured dog.

“You’re giving yourself away, kid.” said officer Jenny.

“As for you guys, I doubt we could do anything even if we found out who did it, but we needed to know. You may leave.” she said.


“That was close.” said Rick as they all walked out of the Complex, relieved that everything had gone well for them.

“So….what do we do now?” asked Andy.

“Well, where exactly are you guys headed?” asked Susan.

“We aren’t headed anywhere in specific.” said Rick, “Andy’s in search of Team Rocket, but I think to find them, our best bet is the mainland. So…Kanto.”

Andy didn’t say anything. He had no clue where he should go.

“Well, I’ve traveled for a while, and I’m off to Cinnabar island to visit my parents.” Susan said.

“Really? Cinnabar is where we must head if we plan on reaching Kanto…after we see these islands.” said Rick.

“Then, I’d be glad to stick with you guys through the Sevii Islands until we reach Cinnabar!” said Susan.

Andy was surprised. Rick remained silent as well.

“Well?” said Susan. “You guys have proven trustworthy to me, and besides, two crude guys like you need a girl like me to organize things and keep you well.” she said with a motherly tone.

“I…..guess that’s true.” replied Andy.

“Well, what do we do now?” asked Rick.

“Well, how soon would you be willing to leave this island?” asked Susan.

“Soon as possible.” said Rick, “We’ve nothing to do here anymore, I think.”

“It’s still early in the morning.” said Susan. “Maybe we can still catch up to our ferry.

And so, the three traveling teenagers, laughing, talking, ran down the steep hills to the harbor, in hopes of catching their boat ride to fresh adventure.

So...Susan officially joins the crew, eh? Keep your eyes peeled. This is gonna start to get good.
Chatango wrote:
AABM: This song is dedicated to all of you Pokémon Breeders out there: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLGVjrTG5LQ&feature=player_embedded


Drakontas: LOL @ breeding song.
I guess Ditto's a lucky Pokemon?

DNA: it gets it on good *hides*
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 26, 2008 4:12 pm    Post subject: If a post contains some illegal issues you may abuse on it - just click Abuse and fill the form Reply with quote

Woah, reading all of that was pretty intense.

Okay, overall comments...it's well written, grammar, spelling and all that seem fine. The plot though...I'm worried that in filling out the chapters with events, you'll lose sight of Andy's original goal, which is to avenge his family. And so far, all we've seen of the Rockets in this time line is a pair of innefectual grunts trying to mug Susan. A more indepth plot with the rockets could work well, imo, but it's your story, you might have this planned. Wink

The Skulls...if I'm honest, I didn't really see their purpose as anything other than a filler chapter. The Rangers too. I mean, when writing a fic, you should ensure that each chapter allows the story to progress, meaning that the characters get closer to their destination, but the plot mingles with this. That's my feeling with it. Also, Susan's pleas for help when she was being attacked by the Skulls didn't seem terribly...Susan-esque? I got the impression she was tough, and phazed by nothing, but your description conveyed a weak-willed girl.

I don't want to sound entirely negative, so I'll focus on the positives. Rick is an interesting character, strikes me as being gay, but that's only from my own impressions of him. He's not your generic "ohai, I am the second male character of this story," he seems more deep than that, actually having a personality and almost a wicked streak.

Oh yeah, and while you seem to be handling the relationship between Sue and Andy pretty well, don't let that love sidetrack you from your original plot. That can be quite dangerous (I'm talking from experience here <_<) so watch out for it. Wink

Overall, a great fic, and I'll continue reading it. ^_^
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2009 12:28 am    Post subject: If a post contains some illegal issues you may abuse on it - just click Abuse and fill the form Reply with quote

Well, I'm glad everyone likes the story so far, because it gets better. Thank you for the advice, Obs, I hope to see you around again, though you've been inactive, like, forever.

And everyone seems to think Rick is gay.<.<;

Well, now that we all know the diffirence between loaves, slices, and now that my writer's block is gone, I can keep writing.

Well, I guess you could call this more of a utility chapter? Hey, everyone has to have a few of these, and I'm testing out my writer's quality to see if it's as good as it was. You know, I want the truth, I want to know if readers truly enjoy my story. So tell me in the feedback, people, will ya?

Also, this chapter would have been loooong if I would have made all the events I'm planning here instead of splitting it into two chaps. This chapter leaves us wide open for the events of the next one.

Enough talk! On to put my abilities, once again, to the test.

Chapter 18: Luxury, Romance, and ROCKETS

It was a cooler than usual morning in Quest Island, a great relief after one of the hottest summers the islands had suffered. But Summer was not over just yet, and the bright morning sun beat down on a line of people waiting to get on the “Seagallop” Ferry, a large, strong, gray mini-luxury liner that looked large, strong, and secure. A large cabin protruded from the deck of the large vessel, a wooden plank went from the ground of the island to the entrance to the deck of the large ship. At the bottom stood a tall, bald man wearing a white sailor outfit and a bandanna on his neck, examining people’s tickets before letting them on board.

At the front of the line was Susan, in front of Andy and Rick, who stood patiently waiting their turns to get on. Susan showed the man her small silver pass, which, like Andy and Rick’s, was a non-expiring pass that one could use to ride the vessel as many times as one whished.

“Welcome aboard, ma’am.” said the man, waving towards the ship. Susan nodded and began to walk up the wooden plank.

Andy and Rick walked up to the man and flashed their passes at him.

“Go on, sirs.” he said to them, gesturing towards the large iron vessel.

Andy and Rick boarded and looked around. The large wooden deck of the vessel contained various tables, lounge cots, and chairs attached to the deck, with many high class looking people, and tough looking trainers alike. The large cabin on the deck seemed to have various round windows, but because of the sun’s glare, one could not see inside. Little children held on to the metal handles on the edges of the ship made to make sure no one went overboard, looking down at the water excitedly.

They saw Two men examining Susan up and down, as to make sure she had no restricted items. The two men dismissed her, and she stood on the deck waiting for her two companions. The two men then walked up to Andy and Rick, and began to examine them by bringing their hands up and down Andy and Rick’s bodies.

“You’re good to go.” said one of the men, “Welcome aboard the Seagallop.”

“Whew! Finally! We’re on our way to Six Island! The island of fortune!” said Rick, looking around the ship.

“Yeah!” said Andy, “We have our passage to the next island secured!”

They walked up to Susan, who was looking around the ship excitedly while running a hand through her hair.

“Wow! This looks like a luxurious ship!” she said. “And look!”

She showed Rick and Andy her pass that she had won from Andy in a battle. Andy looked at the small silver colored pass, which had a small picture on the front with a large luxury liner heading into open sea, with a setting sun. Behind it, was a bunch of text. Andy read it out loud:

“If you hold this special exclusive pass, you must have been a finalist at the Quest Island Pokemon battle tournament. You are a very special trainer who has earned this pass that entitles you to go on the Seagallop Ferry, Luxury Vessel. All expenses paid.”

“All expenses paid!” repeated Susan. “We are entitled to all the services on this ship at no expense!”

“Ok, cool.” said Rick, looking around.

The man who had been checking people’s tickets was now pulling up the wooden plank. Some men in sailor outfits were bringing up anchors that had been set in the water. All the chattering people on board the ferry got quiet as the intercom speaker atop the ship’s cabin began to crackle. Two people chattering in low voices could be heard before everyone heard a man clear his throat. He began to speak in a deep voice with a brisk tone:

“Ladies and gentlemen, the Seagallop Ferry will be departing in exactly five minutes. In the meantime, everything will be secured and everyone getting a cabin in the ship will be assigned their cabin. When the ship departs, please, stay away from the edges of the ship. Adults please keep children near you at all times. Thank you.”

The intercom crackled off and everyone began chattering again. The bald, tan skinned man who had accepted passes was now putting on a large black sailor cap with an anchor on it and bold red letters that said, “Seagallop”. He walked up to Andy, Rick, and Susan, who still held their tickets. He looked at them briefly.

“Ah! The V.I.P. pass!” he said, “You trainers are special! Come with me, I’ll show you to your cabins downstairs.”

“Downstairs, huh?” said Rick, looking around before the man opened one of the various doors of the chamber on top of the ship, which was a flight of stairs. “But say,” he said as they began to descend, “Do you have barf bags down there? I might get seasick.”

The captain looked at Rick with an annoyed expression and kept on walking. They reached a small wooden hallway with various numbered cabins on both sides, and an iron door at the end of the hall, open, but all Andy could see was some shelves and an illegible sign that looked a little creepy hanging off the wall, as if it were about to fall.

“Here are your cabins!” said the captain, startling Andy. He pointed at two cabins on one side and one across the hall from it that all said “V.I.P.” on them. He handed them each a gold colored key that had the same anchor logo on the captain’s hat.

“You can always find me by going into my chambers outside on the deck, just ask for ‘Captain Joseph’. You can have room service free as long as you have your passes, or you can go enjoy the fresh air above deck. And remember, that room with the metal door is off limits. If you need me, dial 0 on the phones in your rooms to reach my cabin. Goodbye, youngsters.”

He walked out of the dimly lit hallway, leaving the three standing there alone. They looked at the numbers on their keys and to the “V.I.P” 1, 2, and 3 to locate their rooms. Then they talked to each other where they stood.

“Well,” said Rick, “It’ll be good to relax after such a tough morning of battles, being attacked, and saving the lady. Afterward, we can explore this beauty.”

Andy nodded in agreement but Susan looked at Rick with scorn, and retorted,

“Ok, I know you two saved me twice, but please stop mentioning it! I already said thanks, so let’s forget about it, clear?”

Rick laughed.

“Ah, proud, are we? Fine, I’ll quit mentioning it, but I don’t know why it stings you to have been in need of help.” he said.

“In need of help!” Susan repeated outraged, unlocking the door to her cabin.

“Well, who was over there whimpering for help when we were attacked by skulls! Or were you playing damsel-in-distress to get Andy’s attention?”

Susan turned around fiercely and slammed the door.

“Just don’t mention it any more.” they heard her mutter from the other side of the door. Then, they heard the lock inside her room click.

“Fierce girl.” said Rick to Andy as he unlocked his door. “I guess I hit a soft spot. See ya in a little.” he closed the door.

Andy fumbled with his key on his keyhole, blushing fiercely, thinking about what Rick had said. Why, he himself didn’t know. He finally opened his cabin door. Before walking in, he looked back at the iron door leading to the dark room. The lean, tall figure of a person stood there. It was too dark to see, but Andy was almost certain that the man was also wearing dark clothing. The man turned his head and walked away.

Andy walked into his room quick and shut the door, and locked it. That figure looking straight at him had frightened him. Calming down, leaning against the door and closing his eyes, he took a deep breath. For once today, he could relax in privacy. He felt a lurch in his stomach as the large vessel took off. After his stomach settled, he opened his eyes and looked around his cabin.

The room was a small, comfortable looking luxury. A beige carpet took up the entire floor, and in one corner was a small bed with fluffy looking white pillows lined with fur, and a matching cover. A small table by the bed had a lamp and a cord telephone. In the middle of the room, a small two person couch with a coffee table, a basket with fresh fruit in the middle of it. A door which probably led to a bathroom was on the other side of the room. It was quite luxurious, yet it still kept a comfy and humble appearance.

Andy smiled, happy to comfortably rest in this place. He put the silver and green backpack Rick had given him on the floor by the door, and then unbolted his PokeBalls from his belt and let them fall on the ground and roll a little bit.

Red light bounced off all the surfaces of the room, and Andy’s two eager Pokemon looked at him cheerfully, then examined their surroundings.

“Hi, guys!” said Andy, smiling. His two companions gave him a burst of energy. He considered them closer to him than even Rick and Susan would ever be.

“Well, feel free to take a break from your PokeBalls!” he said, tickling Zubat’s stomach with one hand, and stroking Sentret’s head with the other. Zubat fluttered around the room, giving small squeaks. Sentret walked, looking around, sniffing. Andy unbuckled his belt and let himself fall to the couch.

He looked up to the coffee table, where Zubat attacked the bunch of fresh purple grapes on the fruit basket. He looked down as his Sentret gave a small squeal, standing on the floor pulling the end of Andy’s shirt.

“Shush.” Andy said, grabbing a green apple from the basket and handing it to the small furry mammal. “I don’t even know if I’m allowed to set you two loose here.”

He slowly drifted off to sleep, Zubat trying to hang under the table, Sentret now on his lap, nibbling away at the apple. The rhythmic crunching lulled him to sleep.


There was a loud banging sound. Andy had no clue what it was about, but it ringed in his ears, and annoyed him. He moaned, then rubbed his eyes. He opened them and looked around, groggy and confused for a second. He grabbed his neck and moaned. He had fallen asleep on the couch, and had a crick in his neck. Then he remembered everything. He was on the Seagallop Ferry with his Pokemon and his friends.

“Andy! Open the **** door!” he heard. It was Rick.

“Is he alright?” he heard. It was the voice of Susan muffled behind the door.

“Andy! Open the door! Are you alright?!” Rick screamed.

“Coming!” said Andy groggily. He walked to the door and unbolted it.

It opened, and his two friends stood there, looking worried and impatient.

“Dude! You had us worried. What took you?” said Rick.

“Sorry.” Andy replied, rubbing his eyes. “I fell asleep on the couch.”

Sentret and Zubat were on the couch, playing with a large apple core. Andy opened the other door in his room to see a white tiled bathroom with a sink, toilet, shower, and small closet. Andy looked at himself in the mirror above the sink and bent down to wash his face. He stayed there for a few seconds, letting the cool running water soak his head.

“Why,” said Rick, him and Susan walking into the room, “Would you go to sleep on the couch having a perfectly nice bed?” he asked, gesturing at Andy’s bed.

“Enough questions.” said Andy, closing the faucet and looking at himself once more in the mirror, “What did you guys need?” He shook his head, his reddish-blond bangs shaking, and letting loose the water.

“We were just going up above to enjoy the scenery and some refreshments.” said Susan. “Coming?”

“Sure.” he said, noting that they wore more casual clothing.

Susan, bluish-grey Capri pants, sneakers, and a tank top with a grayish coat over it. Rick, a loose white tee with beige shorts.

“Gonna change?” asked Rick.

“Heck, I couldn’t look any more casual with these rags.” said Andy, putting on his belt and calling back his two Pokemon.

“Don’t worry,” said Susan as the three walked out of the room and up the stairs, “We’ll find you some cool trainer chic at the next island.”

They filed out and sat at the nearest grey table, right beside the edge of the ship, where they were safe, but could look down on the sea scenery.

“How may I help you three youngsters?” asked a young woman in a sailor outfit.

“Three refreshments, please.” said Susan. “I’ll have a lemonade.”

“Same here.” said Andy.

“Eh, do you have a nice bottle of carbonated water?” asked Rick. “I’m a little seasick.”

“As you wish.” she said, walking away.”

“Ah, this is the life.” said Rick, turning to look at Andy and Susan.

“Yeah.” said Andy, his arms crossed, looking down at the ocean. “Sure.”

“Course it is.” said Susan, looking through her purse and taking out her two PokeBalls, and tossing them into the air, where, after the flashes of light, appeared and eager Ralts and Vulpix, looking around.

“Excellent idea, Sue.” said Rick, throwing his ball. “Zangoose, enjoy yourself.”

After the light faded, the large, blue and white ferret-like Pokemon appeared, giving a small growl as the light faded in other areas to reveal a series of bandages that were on him. He eagerly began to sniff the air and stood there, looking down at the ocean waves rock, sending white foamy spray up.

“Something wrong, pal?” asked Rick, looking at Andy, who hadn’t budged. Even as the waitress handed Rick the glass bottle of mineral water, and set a tall glass of lemonade in front of Andy, and walked away.

Andy turned to look at Rick, and explained what was on his mind,

“Well, I saw a shady figure earlier, near the off-limits area, and, well, it creeped me out. I think it might be a rocket, I’m sure he had very dark clothing.”

“Ah, Andy.” said Rick, “You’re so obsessed with those guys that you see them were they really aren’t. They are not the only ones who wear dark clothing.”

“I know,” said Andy, “But my big bro Trevor always told me to follow my gut. And right now my gut tells me that there are Rockets aboard this ship. I just know it!”

Rick glanced uncomfortably at Susan. He knew it was rare that Andy talked about his past, let alone his family.

“And if they are Rockets, what could we do?” said Rick, shaking his head.

“He’s right, Andy, there isn’t much you could do if there are Rockets aboard.” said Susan, sitting up.

“I can at least investigate so that I don’t have the doubt in me.” he said, getting up and walking towards the stairs to the lower deck.

“Andy, don’t!” said Rick, who stared helplessly at Andy, then at Susan. Then he shrugged, and walked after his childhood friend.

“I’m staying right here! I’m not about to spoil my perfectly good trip just to follow you two brutes!” Andy could hear Susan say before Rick closed the door to the stairways, and they were left walking alone in the dimly lit hallway.

“Be very quiet.” Andy said to Rick, he nodded and they continued to walk down the hallway.

“Why the heck didn’t you just tell me before we went up there to get drinks?” asked Rick.

“I don’t know; I was debating if we should have come or not.” Andy replied as they reached the door.
As they neared the door, Rick whispered, “Someone’s coming!” They darted back almost to the other end of the hall, where Rick began to whisper random things to Andy as Andy got his key and pretended to be trying to open a random door.

The footsteps Rick had heard were coming from the metal door, and a man in a dark jacket appeared, tall, skinny, stately, with short blond hair similar to Andy’s, except without the flecks of reddish. He stopped in front of Rick and Andy, and spoke to them in a firm, grouchy voice,

“What the hell are you doing opening my cabin?!” he said, annoyed.

“Oh, sorry.” said Rick before Andy thought of what to say, “Our room is the one next to yours.”

He quickly turned and began to open the door next to it, which, lucky for Rick, was his own cabin. As him and Andy darted into the room very similar to Andy’s, they heard the man give an annoyed groan, and mutter, “**** kids.”

“Whew! That was close!” gasped Rick as he closed the door behind them.

“Yeah,” said Andy, “We should wait for him to leave or something.”

They heard the door beside Rick’s cabin’s door opening, then closing.

“He’s leaving the room!” whispered Rick. They waited a few seconds, then walked out.

They saw the man walking where Andy had seen someone looking at him earlier.

“Dude, that could’ve been the guy you saw.” said Rick.

“No,” replied Andy, “Something weird’s going on. There has to be Rockets aboard this ship.”

The man disappeared behind a row of shelves.

“Fine,” whispered Rick, “Let’s go.”

They walked through the open iron door into the dark room, and knew not what to expect.

Well, that wasn't so bad, right?......never mind I said that...

No, I do not intend on making a big deal or some big thing between Andy and Susan, these things are minor details to spice the story up a bit. The idea of this and the next chapter is more of introducing the Rockets more to the fic, as you'll see next chapter.

Also, I honestly NEED to know exactly what you guys thought of this chapter.
Chatango wrote:
AABM: This song is dedicated to all of you Pokémon Breeders out there: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLGVjrTG5LQ&feature=player_embedded


Drakontas: LOL @ breeding song.
I guess Ditto's a lucky Pokemon?

DNA: it gets it on good *hides*
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 23, 2009 3:30 am    Post subject: If a post contains some illegal issues you may abuse on it - just click Abuse and fill the form Reply with quote

As you said it yourself, possibly the next chapter is the one getting more interesting, because, then again, it's been a while since the last chapter's been here, and in that time, you could have plotted a lot of even-neater stuff for your fic!

Yes, my friend, getting rid a of ideas and replacing them with fresher, newer ones is a nice experience and and good thing to do to revamp an old plot, I know what I'm talking about, I've done it a bunch of times with POL and PTS and now they are what you read of them.

At any rate, I liked this last chapter, but that doesn't change the fact that I actually WANT next chapter as soon as possible, my friend, hurry up! xD

Anyway, I know I used to write grossly long replies, but now I'll lower that a bit =D


Platinum FC: 4039-3630-3491 - Lazaro.

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 26, 2009 3:20 am    Post subject: If a post contains some illegal issues you may abuse on it - just click Abuse and fill the form Reply with quote

Glad to be back in business, AABM, glad to be back. This chapter leads up to an exciting point in the story, and is short & sweet. Once again, I split a chapter into two. But don't worry, as you'll realize when you finish reading it, my friend, you'll know that it will indeed get good. Pay close attention to this chapter. For some reason something told me that the events of this chapter should be a chapter all on their own.

Chapter 19: Swept Away

Andy slowly walked through the door, Rick right behind him, both teenage boys eager, but trying their best not to make noise. Andy felt a chill down his spine, and the feeling he felt when he thought of the Rockets coursed through all of his veins. The thought of being so close to finding the Rockets made him tingle all over, even though they weren’t even sure if there were Rockets aboard the ship.

They walked through the door, and as they entered the room, stopped to look around, let their eyes adjust, and wait for the pitter-patter of the man’s shoes to stop as he turned somewhere. Andy looked around the room. He saw the faint outlines of shelves, but nothing seemed to be on them. This was a moving ship, after all.

The room had a musky smell to it, the only light came from a lantern that sat on top of a crate, besides the last shelf, where the man had turned. The room had a musky, dry odor to it, and it was cold. Andy could hear the faint humming of an air conditioning system somewhere in the distance.

They continued walking, and turned where the man had. They stopped behind the last shelf, where the lantern was, to make sure the man wasn’t there. Andy peered from the shelf and saw the man turning and going into an open door to another room. Light came from this room, and Andy could now hear the faint sound of conversation.

“Let’s go.” whispered Rick. Both boys, Rick first, turned, and slowly edged their way by the wall and to the open door.

They could hear conversation going on, and Andy could smell the all too familiar odor of tobacco smoke. He knew it well from living with Amin Carter. They slowly peered their heads into the room just enough to hear what was being said and see inside, but they were careful.

The room was a small, dark, office-like space. A shelf crammed with books in one corner, an old, dusty, business desk in the parallel. On it was a lantern like the one on the crate by the shelf. Two men in Rocket uniforms sat criss-cross on the floor, while the man Andy and Rick had encountered in the hall stood up before them holding a small cardboard box.

The man on the far side in the uniform smoked a cigar, and looked younger than the other two. He looked short, he had short jet-black hair, and a sharp featured face, shadows bouncing off of it giving even more sharpness to his features. His small, brown eyes, and a slightly squared chin, brown skin.

The Rocket beside him was a black-skinned, skinny, bearded and haggard looking man with a dead eye, a scar around it. He gave Andy the chills, with that long, braided hair and the stubby beard. And of course, the one Andy and Rick had just encountered in the hallway, holding a small cardboard box with both hands, as if it were delicate. They were in the midst of a conversation as Andy and Rick peered in.

“…some **** kids. Trying to open my door in the hallway.” said the one standing up.

“Eh, they were probably fooling around, Erin, lighten up.” said the black one, referring to the one standing up.

“And you have it?” asked the other one, breathing out some smoke from his almost finished cigar.

“Yes,” replied Erin, bending down, opening the box and looking at his two expecting cohorts.

“Cherish Ball.” said he, “Very rare item. That’s why the boss wants it.”

Andy fidgeted. Could the boss be Giovanni? And, he couldn’t see this ball, just the open box, it was too dark to see into it.

“Carlos,” said Erin, looking at the one with the cigar, “Virgil,” he said, now looking at the other one, “No one needs to know we have this precious item in our possession. Or the other stuff.”

“Course.” said Virgil, laying back with his arms on his head and yawning lazily.

“We always get the boring jobs,” said Carlos, “The boss is ridiculous. Sending three of us for a stupid Cherish Ball.”

“Don’t let Giovanni hear that, though.” yawned Virgil, “He’ll have your balls if he hears you said that.”

Carlos passed the cigar to Erin’s extended hand, and he took a hit of it before sitting down.

“Whatever.” he said, “Point is, we got the **** ball. With no distractions.”

“Psh, yeah!” laughed Carlos, “I hear the other guys got owned by some kids!”

Virgil got up and laughed, “Those fools, losing the Pokemon Battle to some stupid little girl who can’t keep her mouth shut, and some kids who came to her rescue!”

“Yeah,” laughed Carlos, “They let a little girl get to them! ****, I would have shown her who’s boss!”

Both men laughed exaggeratingly hard, Carlos holding his stomach, Virgil slapping his knee and rocking back and forth.

“Shut up, you two,” urged Erin, “They’ll hear us. Remember, we have to lay low.”

“We’re just some people shipping canned goods to the next island!” said Carlos in a mocking tone, and snorted.

They all laughed. Then, they stopped. Virgil got up.

“I’m gonna go use the john, then I’ll go get something to eat.” he said, stretching.

“I’ll come!” said Carlos.

Andy turned to look at Rick, Rick nodded, and they both ran and hid behind the nearest row of shelves just as the two men walked out of the room. In the fluster, Andy bumped into a crate, and as it turned once, it made a crashing noise against the shelf. The two Rockets turned to look. Erin came out as well and looked around him. Andy and Rick were dead silent, and still, ducked down behind a shelf.

“What the hell was that?” asked Carlos, looking around nervously.

“Show yourself!” screamed Virgil.

“Shh!” said Erin, “Take a look around, you fools!”

They began moving around, looking behind shelves, Virgil was looking in the row right behind the one where the boys were. Andy crawled into the bottom shelf, making himself as small as possible. Rick tried to do the same on the opposite shelf, and couldn’t. He tried to climb up, but Virgil turned into that row, and Rick panicked, and fell right at the tall, skinny man’s feet, giving a sharp gasp. Andy, unknowingly, gave one as well.

Virgil looked at Rick, who was trying to get up, coughing and swearing. Virgil grabbed Rick’s wrist and twisted it. Rick fell to the floor in pain. Andy had to do something, and so he got out from under the shelf and kicked the man in the shin. Virgil screamed, “Ouch!” and backed up. The two other Rockets came to see what was happening. Rick got up and stood in front of Andy, as if to be ready to protect his little almost-brother friend.

“And what have we here?” said Erin, smirking, “The two brats who tried to open the wrong door!”

He spat on the ground and edged closer.

“Run!” said Andy, who tried to run away, but Virgil seized Rick, then, Carlos handed him a small pocket knife, which he put against Rick’s neck.

“You run, and your friend dies.” said Virgil, “You shouldn’t have seen us. Now come over here, and don’t make any false movements!”

“No! Andy, run, run!” screamed Rick.

“Quiet, you fool!” said Virgil, pressing the knife harder against Rick’s skin. A single bead of blood dripped to the floor, Rick gave a small combination between a gasp and a yelp of pain.

“We….won’t…say…a…..thing.” gasped Rick, “I…..swear.”

“I said shut up!” screamed Virgil.

Andy lifted his hands up and walked up to them. He was scared, but being with them might be his chance of seeing Giovanni, and Rick was on the line as well. As Andy reached them, Erin took a gun out from behind his pants and aimed it at Andy.

“Good, now, head for that room!” said he, pointing at the room where they had been. Andy slowly walked towards the room, the Rockets, and Virgil still holding Rick, after them.

Andy went into the room and sat in a corner, afraid of the Rockets. Virgil let go of Rick and threw him to the ground next to Andy, while Carlos slammed the door shut being the last one in. Rick held his neck and gasped for air.

“Great, I wasn’t counting on this!” said Erin furiously, “We can’t let these kids go! What the hell do we do with them!” he paced around the room.

“Boss is going to be at the base anyways, since he needs the ball personally. We’d have to ask him.” opined Carlos.

“Are you nuts!?” said Virgil, “Boss will murder us for bugging him with a couple of brats! I say we slit their throats and throw them overboard!”

“No.” debated Erin, “Let’s just ask the boss. It’s not our fault.”

The three Rockets turned to look at Rick and Andy.

“What the hell are you brats doing here?” asked Erin.

Rick seemed ready to speak, but Andy got up, clenched his fists, and said the one thing that no one was sure was a mistake, or not. He cleared his throat and spoke in an aggressive and determined tone.

“We want to see Giovanni.”

I know, I know. Too short and not so eventful. But the one event that happens is a big one, I say. I bet it left you tingling for the next chapter, I bet you cant wait to see the epic moment when.....

Well, I shall say no more. You must wait for the next chapter. And it will be worth it.

Next up:

The FateFull Encounter

Chatango wrote:
AABM: This song is dedicated to all of you Pokémon Breeders out there: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLGVjrTG5LQ&feature=player_embedded


Drakontas: LOL @ breeding song.
I guess Ditto's a lucky Pokemon?

DNA: it gets it on good *hides*

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 03, 2009 6:45 pm    Post subject: If a post contains some illegal issues you may abuse on it - just click Abuse and fill the form Reply with quote

Please, don't wait for me to post so you can continue the story, I feel compromised to come here and review the story even if you haven't pulled anything interesting for the past month. I feel I'm slowing you down because you're I think you're waiting for me to come here and say what I think, but I remember you that I'm not gonna come as soon as you post anything, so please, resume the story if you have a new installment.

Now, as for the chapter itself, okay okay, everything was fine-ish and easy to read; I like things when they are easy to go through, so Andy and co. are finally going to meet Giovanni? To tell you the truth, I think it's too soon... unless... wait... they WILL see Giovanni! Or are they...?

Hmm, it is indeed to soon for Andy and co. to meet with the head of the Rockets, right? Well, I won't say anything else, I have a few thories going on, but I'll keep them to myself.

Heck, how inconsiderate is SL not to come! He has all the time in the world and this story is sinking in the abyss like both of mine did here. Anyways, it's not his (or anyone's) responsibility to come here and review, so long you make the story interesting, readers will come.

Hey, talk about fics, I think I might pull something for PTS, as that story is reaching the pinacle of epicness.


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PostPosted: Sun Jun 28, 2009 12:50 am    Post subject: If a post contains some illegal issues you may abuse on it - just click Abuse and fill the form Reply with quote

And here is a long awaited update, along with a few juicy things I might have to say afterward. First off, AABM, thank you for your ongoing support of me and my story, I know I don't say it enough, but I appreciate your support. Even though you have no compromise to read the story, you still do. I just hope you don't do it out of sheer pity.

AABM wrote:
Please, don't wait for me to post so you can continue the story, I feel compromised to come here and review the story even if you haven't pulled anything interesting for the past month.

You know....I don't wait for you to come. I just had writer's block for a while, but now....well, you'll see. Anything if the epicness of the story is currently in question, like I said, I have a few things to say after the chapter, so....yeah.

If I haven't pulled anything intiresting....well, sorry if you're not liking it when it's just starting to get good. No, you're not compromised to come review the fic. I hope you're not rubbing it in or saying that you're just doing it because you feel you must. And don't take these comments like I'm saying them in a hostile tone. I'm not, but, frankly, no one has to come here if they don't want to. That's all I'm saying, so don't feel upset.

Moving on from stuff that might break out into an argument between us, I have here another chapter that might be the start of the fic starting to go up into a climax. Most of the stuff going on has been stuff that just happens, the story has been sort of staying in one spot. But now, it sort of starts going in an upward-slope, up towards a main climax.

Chapter 20: What happened in the clearing

Carlos gasped incredulously. The other two stared with similar reactions to Andy. For a second, they seemed quite shocked that such a small little boy wanted to see one of the most evil people in the world. Maybe it was the security and determination in Andy’s voice that shocked them the most. But the shock turned to humor, because it was not only shocking, but, funny that this little boy wanted to see Giovanni. Even his determination seemed funny after the split-second shock went away, and the rockets all broke into laughter.

“What…” said Erin, holding on to his stomach to stop laughing, “Do two brats like you want with him?

“That is of no concern to you.” said Andy, taking a step back.

“Hey, enough jokes, sit down, kid!” said Virgil, now holding his knife in his hand again.

Andy did as he was told. As he sat down, he turned to look at Rick. Rick was giving him an incredulous stare.

“You’re nuts!” he mouthed slowly.

Of course, no one in the room could believe Andy’s guts, probably because of his shy-boy appearance. But Andy was more than he appeared. He was just a little self-centered, but, he was always working things in his mind, behind a shield. A shield reflecting the appearance of a meaningless, shy boy.

“Alright, you two brats keep your mouths shut.” said Erin, finishing the cigar, and stepping on it, “We’re just gonna act like you’re not here, but any false moves…

He drew a small hand pistol from somewhere on his belt, and readied it. He then turned and began talking carelessly with his cohorts, who, like him, were now sitting down like they were before.

“Man, these brats could get us in trouble, guys.” Carlos said, shaking his head, “But we have no choice but to turn them in to the boss.”

“Yeah…” Erin said thoughtfully, “Why would these two brats want to see him?”

“They’re either very crazy or very bold!” scoffed Virgil, taking a playing card deck from a drawer on the desk in the room.

“Wanna play?” asked he, and the other two nodded. They soon became too consumed in their Poker game to pay attention to Andy and Rick.

After a while, an out-of-sight intercom in the room crackled. The captain’s voice spoke:

“Attention, passengers! The SeaGallop will land in approximately ten minutes! Anyone boarding off, prepare!”

The intercom crackled off. The rockets put away their cards and put the box with the Cherish ball in a black leather suitcase. Virgil and Carlos changed into casual clothes, (A funny-looking tourist shirt and shorts each.) and stood by the door.

Erin put the gun in his belt, “Come on, brats.” he said, “Walk out in front of us, and go wherever we do. Any false moves, and you’re dead.

Andy and Rick stood up, and Erin walked out of the room. The other two got behind them.

“Let’s go.” said Virgil, and so they walked out of the room, out into the dark hallway lined with shelves, and out of the metal door into the hallway where all the cabins were.

Here they stopped, and Erin went into his cabin to go to the restroom and change into casual beach clothes and sunglasses, and they continued walking, out onto the main deck, where they could smell the salty ocean tang, and feel the crisp breeze. Andy worriedly looked around, looking to spot Susan. She stood petting her Vulpix and looking down at the sea from the deck rails, with Ralts nowhere in sight. Andy coughed loudly to try to get the dark haired girl’s attention, and she began to look around.

“Hush, boy!” warned Erin.

He saw her catch sight of him. She stared at him questioningly.

“Move it!” said Virgil, letting Andy get a quick view of his blade.

Susan seemed to get the point. She bore a worried expression. She quickly whispered something to her Vulpix and went to the ship’s hallway. Andy wondered what she was up to. He just wanted to warn her so she wouldn’t be wondering where he and Rick were.

Suddenly, the ship gave a lurch and stopped at the harbor. They had stopped near an old, wooden dock, in a large harbor on the beach. Many townsfolk and sailors bustled around minding their own business. Seagull-like Pokemon flew around. A sailor tied the SeaGallop to a dock while others dropped anchors. The Captain was putting down a wooden plank, so people could board off. He cleared his throat and everyone listened.

“Attention, everyone!” he said, “The ship has landed. Please board off in an orderly way after returning your cabin keys to our employees, who will be taking them from you as you board off.. Thank you for using SeaGallop Ferry Services, and have a nice day!”

He began helping people board off the ship. Andy, Rick, and the Rockets began to board off the plank and onto the dock.

“Have a nice day!” said the Captain, taking his hat off and waving at Andy and Rick.

They walked off the dock and onto the soft beach sand, where Erin wordlessly gave a man in a sailor suit his cabin key. They continued walking. The beach stretched out far and wide, and at the border of it there was nothing but thick forest. Here they headed, Andy nervous about where they could be headed, but anxious to meet the Rocket’s head once more.

Andy turned around for a minute, and saw Vulpix jumping off the dock into the soft sand, and go in the same direction he, Rick, and the Rockets were going.

Vulpix is following us. I wonder what Sue’s up to? he thought to himself.

They were now at the forest’s edge. There weren’t people here like there were in the harbor. Andy could tell by looking through the thick green underbrush and the large, close-together trees that this forest was thick. Andy looked in another direction and noticed how there was a rocky path, and a bridge that led across a small strip of water, to another portion of Six Island, the portion of the island that supported the town.

“Come on, let’s move it. We’re gonna be late.” said Erin. They all walked into the thick forest.

They walked through the dark brush for a long while, and all there was were rocks, trees, vines. Your occasional Rattata scurrying around, or the rustling from trees when bird Pokemon lifted off. Andy didn’t notice much of that. He was too busy worrying about what was going to happen next. He heard some rustling behind them. Apparently the Rockets heard it too. Everyone turned around to look behind them. Andy caught a glimpse of a red tail disappearing behind a bush. Vulpix.

“Wh…who’s there?!” asked Erin in a shakier voice. He drew his pistol. “Speak up!” he said. This was responded by a rustling in the bushes.

Erin aimed his gun up and shot it. A loud sound was left ringing in everyone’s ears as the bang from the bullet ceased. Bird Pokemon all over the woods flew away in fright. A small green caterpillar-like Pokemon scurried between Erin’s legs. He looked at it in disgust, and stepped on it, leaving nothing but a pile of bloody green mush.

“**** Caterpie.” he said. Andy glowered at him. Many other Pokemon were still scurrying around from the gunshot’s sound. Andy even caught a glimpse of a slightly large Pokemon that looked like a red dragonfly. But he didn’t see much of it, as it was very quick.

“Let’s keep going, guys. We’re almost there.” said Carlos, and they all continued walking through the thick green brush.

They finally reached a large clearing in the forest. A small place with no trees or plants, just grass. Since no trees were here except the ones on the surrounding forest on all sides, a pool of sunlight peacefully entered the clearing, giving it a soft, amber glow. A small, puppy Pokemon that was black stood in the middle of the clearing. Andy knew what this Pokemon was, Houndour, and he knew the Rockets had used the evolved forms of these, Houndoom, to burn down the town of Birth Island when he was young, during the incident that was the cause of his adventure.

Erin took a small bone from his pocket and threw it at the Houndour, who caught it in it’s mouth, a clever Pokemon indeed. Then Erin whistled at it.

“Houndour, get master.” said Erin to the small mammal.

The small black puppy ran into the woods, making rustling sounds, which, with it’s distance, faded. Erin stood whistling to himself and opening the suitcase. He took out the box that supposedly contained the rare Cherish Ball in it. He checked the inside, and took it out.

Andy saw it for the first time. It was a red Poke Ball with a red button, surrounded by a circle of black, which wasn’t really painted on, it was more of a ridge fashioned into the ball. Around the ball were ridges of the same fashion, black, with red bulges in the middle. It was beautiful.

Erin put it back in the box. A series of rustling sounds were heard, and a small howling. The Houndour walked back into the clearing, along with a short, fat, bearded man in sunglasses and a tight Rocket uniform and hat. Behind him, a tall, thin, blond man in a Rocket uniform, and sunglasses. No hat. He seemed to be a bodyguard, as he held a silver machine gun up to his chest.

“Ah, you’re here, Erin. Finally.” said the fat man.

“Yes, yes, Ronald, where’s the boss?” asked Erin. Andy felt his heartbeat increase progressively.

“Ah, yes, well, he couldn’t come.” said Ronald, calmly. “You can just hand over the precious item. It’s in good hands with us.” he said.

“Oh, I know that, I wouldn’t trust no one but a fellow member of the Supreme Seven.” Erin said, walking across the clearing to Ronald and handing him the box.

“So, we’re having the meeting at the Seven place?” asked Ronald.
“Shush!” whispered Erin, pointing at Andy and Rick, “We have company, you dope!”

“Oh…” said Ronald, looking at the boys, regarding them coldly. “What’s with the brats?” he queried.

“Well, they spied on us, so we caught them, in hopes that Boss would tell us what to do with them.”

“I’ll tell you what to do with them, let them go now!” came an adult female scream from a side of the clearing. Everyone turned to see who it was.

A bunch of new stuff, huh? Supreme Seven? A "seven" place? A meeting? I believe if you continue reading the fic, you must keep your eyes peeled and be clever. Right now, I can't reveal more, else I'd have to spoil a few things, but I found some spices for the story, and some...additions to the plot. I believe if I don't get stupid, and continue to do this right, the story's going to be very EPIC, my friend. That's what I needed to say. The stuff I came up with makes the story good, I believe.
Chatango wrote:
AABM: This song is dedicated to all of you Pokémon Breeders out there: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLGVjrTG5LQ&feature=player_embedded


Drakontas: LOL @ breeding song.
I guess Ditto's a lucky Pokemon?

DNA: it gets it on good *hides*
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 29, 2009 4:56 pm    Post subject: If a post contains some illegal issues you may abuse on it - just click Abuse and fill the form Reply with quote

Out of sheer pity? Are you nuts? This story is worth reading! =D

So, chapter read and we now see that things are getting interesting, so Andy and Rick will be released? Why? Who in the Rockets could possibly appear out of nowhere and be so important to make her order heard? I don't know, but I canot wait to find it out.

So lessee, I'm noticing the strange facts that make your stories so characteristic; I mean, if it were me, I wouldn't treat a Caterpie like you did; and I see that guns, infiltrates and black markets are a constant in your works, which is kinda cool, too! =D

It's good to read a story with that kind of twist, it makes you feel like the pkmn world isn't so different to our own in that aspect. But that's just me blabbering about.

As per usual, I eagerly await for the next chpter, please, take your time, proofread it, correct any typo you see, put out your idea the best way you can and enjoy it... in other words, don't be me. xD


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PostPosted: Mon Jul 13, 2009 4:15 pm    Post subject: If a post contains some illegal issues you may abuse on it - just click Abuse and fill the form Reply with quote

As usual, I have some responses to some of the stuff AABM over here says, then, on with the fanfic!

AABM wrote:
So, chapter read and we now see that things are getting interesting, so Andy and Rick will be released? Why? Who in the Rockets could possibly appear out of nowhere and be so important to make her order heard? I don't know, but I canot wait to find it out.

As usual, my friend, you come to conclusions way too soon. What makes you think it's someone in the Rockets who's talking at the end?

AABM, again wrote:
So lessee, I'm noticing the strange facts that make your stories so characteristic; I mean, if it were me, I wouldn't treat a Caterpie like you did; and I see that guns, infiltrates and black markets are a constant in your works, which is kinda cool, too! =D

Treat a caterpie how I did? I make it sound a bit like the real world, you know. People sometimes see a random bug and kill it. Also, note that Erin is a Rocket, and on top of that, he's quite cruel. This is why I censored the Nidorino scene, like I censor some scenes that I deem unnecessary, or too strong in my chapters. Yes, I always review them and make sure that I apply censorship if needed.

Constants in my works? Why, yes, the guns, black markets, revenge, all that are my trademark writing style. Quite unique, and as we said before, not your typical story with little kid scenes and bunnies hopping around all happy. No, no, I have my own style. Smile Glad you like it.

Now, as for the fic:

I thought this next chapter would include the whole Yanma thing, but, it turned out longer than I thought, quite long, almost as long, if not more, than the prologue. If I added in the Yanma stuff, which will most likely be the next chapter, it would be like 15 Microsoft Word Pages, and that's a lot. So, I decided to just make this next chapter a new chapter all on it's own. As usual, I try to leave readers hanging.

Chapter 21: The cherish for the Cherish Ball

Andy, Rick, and the Rockets turned to where the cold, demanding female voice had come from. It came from the part of the forest from which Erin, his cohorts, and our trainers had entered. There stood a tall, blue haired, blue-eyed woman in a blue police uniform and large, oddly-shaped hat. On her chest she bore a bright gold badge. An officer Jenny! Behind her stood Susan, arms crossed, and with a very determined expression on her face. At her feet stood her beloved Vulpix. Now Andy understood why she’d gotten Vulpix to follow them! But he wasn’t exactly pleased. This officer would cause the Rockets to run away, and Andy would lose their trail again.

The Rockets froze. The officer Jenny drew a small hand pistol from her belt and aimed it at the blond man.

“Drop the gun, pal!” she demanded.

The man’s response came quick.

“Run!” he screamed to the others. As he aimed the gun at the officer, Carlos and Virgil disappeared behind some bushes, and the two members of the “Supreme Seven” ran into the thick woods, but Ronald dropped the Cherish Ball.

“Duck!” Jenny screamed. Susan fell to the ground as the officer shot a bullet at the bodyguard. He simply fell to the ground and began rolling, blocking a second, even a third bullet from the angry officer’s pistol. He quickly stood up and launched a series of fast-moving bullets from his gun towards the officer. As she dropped to the ground to avoid the hits, and Rick and Andy did the same, he ran away. As the air got hot from bullets, and everyone’s ears rang.

“After them!” screamed Andy, standing up and beginning to run. But Susan caught up to him and held on to his shoulder.

“Let go of me! Let go! Let, go, Susan!” he screamed. Finally, he released himself from her grasp and ran into the thick woods. But as he looked around the green, thick environment, he saw that in this fast turn of events, he’d acted too slowly.

“Why?!” he screamed furiously, punching a tree hard enough that he punctured his knuckles.

Susan, the officer, and Rick walked over to him.

“What in the world is going on here?” asked the officer, sounding quite perplexed. “Why would you run after them?”

“Long story.” muttered Rick to her.

“Those Rockets.” she exclaimed, withdrawing her gun and shaking her head. “Why did they have you two?” she asked to Rick and Andy.

“Well,” began Rick, “We accidentally overheard their conversation on a ship, so they kidnapped us.”

They all walked back into the clearing. On the far side of it was the Cherish Ball, Ronald had dropped the box, and the ball had rolled out of it. They’d panicked so much they’d paid no priority to their precious item.

“Those stupid Rockets, they left behind a Cherish Ball!” exclaimed Susan.

“Ah, yes, they were smuggling it.” replied Rick calmly.

“You seem to know a bit about what’s going on.” stated the officer to the boys, “I think there’s someone you must talk to.”

Andy picked the Cherish Ball up and examined it closely, turning it around in his hands, feeling it. He liked it. He would love to keep such a rare ball.

“Come on, boys!” said Jenny as she, Susan, and Vulpix walked out of the clearing. They walked a different path than before, still confusing, thick, moist, and green. A beautiful green forest!

They finally walked out from the forest and into an apparent side of the town. Andy’s eyes stung with the bright light of the town, as they had been in dark forest for a while. They stood in a particularly small town, a PokeCenter, a shop, a building’s base in construction, and a bunch of wooden cabins scattered here and there, along with trees protruding in random places in town. Small, but a pretty town nonetheless.

“Come this way.” said the officer, leading them out of the town, and into a wide, but short strip of land that lead to a large, mountainous area surrounded by rugged crags. At the base of this was a wide valley with apparent ruins of buildings all around it. As they walked, Andy muttered to Rick.

“****! I thought we’d see that Giovanni for sure!” said Andy angrily, “Rick, we should have followed those guys!”

“Calm down, little buddy.” muttered Rick, “I’m just as ticked as you, but there’s nothing we can do, is there?”

“Good point, good point.” said Andy, inhaling slowly, trying to calm himself down by telling himself that everything would be fine.

They reached a small log cabin with a large four-sectioned window in the front, and a darker-colored roof. It didn’t look too welcoming to Andy. He then heard a rustling sound. He stopped walking with the others and looked behind him. He saw some of the dry mountain-region’s plants rustle. He wondered what was in those bushes. Obviously it had hidden when he’d stopped and turned around.

Rick and Susan stopped to look back at Andy.

“Something wrong?” Susan asked in a worried tone.

Andy shook his head and kept walking with them. They finally reached the Cabin. Officer Jenny opened the door for them.

“Come in here, there’s someone I think you should talk to.”

They all filed in, Susan recalling her Vulpix first. The first room was like a waiting room. There was a coat rack beside the door, and on the other side was a glass case with someone’s collection of rare Poke-Balls. There were some old leather couches, a coffee table with a smelly ashtray- Which explained the strange smell, and in the corner a desiccated Stantler’s head mounted on the wall. The room itself was quite dark, and smelled faintly of burning cigar butts. A closed door on the far side probably lead to other areas of the strange cabin.

“This place isn’t the coziest place ever,” apologized Jenny, “But we use it as a…sort of police station and place for tourists to find out about local sites. See…with places like Pattern Bush and Ruin Valley, we need a place like this. Sit down, let me get someone.” she said to them, then she walked out of the room through the other door, and closed it.

Now that Rick, Andy, and Susan were alone again, they seemed to need to talk. They stood there, silent for a moment, then Andy broke the silence. He turned to Susan.

“What happened?” he asked in a calm and neutral tone.

“Well, I saw that those guys had you two, and since I figured they were rockets, as you said you thought they were, I decided to help you guys out.” she said coolly.

“How exactly……did you…pull this off?” asked Rick.

“Well,” she began, “I told Vulpix to follow you two into the woods, then got your stuff, boarded off, and after asking a few things to people, found this place. I told Officer Jenny the situation, so we left your stuff here, and tried to find Vulpix. It was easy to find you two, because we heard some gunshots.”

Andy was beginning to get angry again.

“We could have used those guys to find Giovanni…” he muttered, more to himself than to his friends.

“Don’t worry about that! You two are safe, and that’s the good thing.” Susan replied.

“Fine, fine…” he said with a sigh, trying his very best not to be mad at her. After all, she’d done this for their own good. He tried his best not to be mad at her, because he knew she was right, even if he didn’t like it.

“See, I knew I’d be the brains of this group,” she said, smirking, “Two brutes like you guys need someone like me to keep you from getting your hard, stubborn heads out of trouble.”

Andy had to bite his tongue to keep himself from laughing. He covered his face with one hand and turned around, snickering to himself, while Rick turned to Susan.

“Hey! Throw us a bone here, we’re not that stupid.” he said with a half-humored tone.

“Well, whatever.” said Andy, holding up the Cherish Ball and examining it again.

“Wow, those are really, really rare.” said Susan, walking up to Andy and taking the precious item from him to examine it.

“Don’t you think they’d….try to come back for it?” questioned Rick.

“Good point,” said Susan, “I’m surprised they just left behind something so precious.”

She handed the great, red Ball back to Andy, who continued to hold it up, and stare at it with much covet and desire.

“Oh, yeah, your stuff.” said Susan, turning to one of the leather couches, where Andy and Rick’s backpacks were.

“There it is.” she said to them cheerfully.

Both boys walked up to the backpacks, and got them, and wore them, thanking her profusely.

“Gee, you are clever.” Rick said, followed by Andy’s thanks.

“Thanks, Susan, you’re a life saver.” he said, relieved that what little he had was safe.

“It’s ok.” she said, smiling at them, “Like I said before, what would you two do if you hadn’t met me?”
“Lose all our stuff, get into trouble, get killed by the Rockets.” said Rick, laughing.

The door to the rest of the cabin opened, and Officer Jenny walked in.

“I believe there’s someone who’d like to meet you all.” she said, leading them away from the small waiting room.

They walked into a small dining-room like space, where the window was. There were more couches, and another coffee table. There stood two men.

One was a very tall man, calm, but haggard-looking. Very slim, with light skin, and very, very messy black hair sticking out everywhere from his rounded-out head, a firm, straight nose, and green eyes, not as bright and noticeable as Andy‘s. From head to toe, he dressed in all black clothing. From his black, plain top, his vest-like jacket, to his belt, and his long black, elegant pants that ended with a pair of very fancy looking boots. Scaly, like they were from some kind of reptile Pokemon. He also wore a pendant on a gold chain, ending in the long, ivory fang of some unfortunate fanged Pokemon. He was simple, yet elegant. Andy couldn’t help but notice a large two-handed submachine-like gun strapped in the man’s belt.

“Mr. Russell, these are the kids I talked to you about.” said the officer.

“Thanks, Jenny,” said the tall man in a deep, calm, and smooth voice, “We can take it from here.”

The officer walked away, leaving them alone.

“The name’s George Russell. Just George.” he said, shaking their hands. As he did so, they all introduced themselves.

“Anderson. Platt. Just Andy.” Andy said, noting how strong and firm the man’s shake was.

“Rick Simmons, it’s a pleasure.” said Rick, seeming neutral.

“Hi, I’m Susan Kramer, but Sue will be fine.” was how Susan finished, remaining quite serious.

“My partner.” George said, letting the other man step forth.

This man was younger, a tad shorter. He had a skin tone slightly darker, and short, brown, hair that stood up, seemingly by itself, it stuck out from a black bandanna on his head. He wore a black I-shirt under a grey coat with silvery black trims. He also wore beige shorts, and dark grey sneakers. He had a tough expression, firm, with a short nose and hazel eyes. Two semi-automatic pistols were hidden under his coat.

“Keith Williams.” he said, giving a nod.

“We are part of a bit of a….special unit in the Kanto Police Force.” said George, shuffling to a chair. “See, the Rockets cause so much trouble, they assign us, and some others, special jobs only involving investigation about the whereabouts of Team Rocket.”

“It’s a very interesting job.” said Keith. “We’re never in one place, but instead, moving around everywhere, collecting info from people, anything but boring.”

“We know you three have had some experience with Rockets.” said George, “So we’d like to talk over some information you might have gotten in your experiences with them.”

Andy looked at him and responded, “So you’re just going to get the information from us and go off, going on with your own business?”

The men looked at each other.

“Ideally.” replied Keith, “ We really need that information. Why?”

“Oh, nothing.” replied Andy, outraged and with much sarcasm, “Just that we’d like to know what’s in it for us!”

God, he’s becoming….more independent. thought Rick to himself. Soon, I won’t have to fend for you, Andy, or drag you around.

“Oh? What exactly do you desire? Tell me.” said George, with much curiosity.

“Well,” replied Andy, “What we really want is….We really want to stop the Rockets, too.”

George stood up, our three trainers sat in the couch in front of the window, so that they had their back to it. Andy was the only one still standing, and George.

“Well, you can trust that…we can handle things. We can’t have three teenagers running around trying to stop Kanto’s most wanted gang, you know.” replied George.

“We’ve defeated them in battles.” said Rick.

“We can stop them. We really, really must destroy them.” said Andy.

“Oh?” asked Keith. He stood up. Now, he was curious. “Tell me,” he said, “How is it that you just have to ‘destroy’ them?”

“Personal reasons.” replied Andy coolly. “We’re not going to go around telling everyone we see, you know.”

As he said this, the men looked at each other, and seemed to understand. Meanwhile, Andy already had his plan in his mind.

“That’s right,” Andy retorted, pointing his finger at George, “We want to help you stop those people. We would like a sort of….alliance with you.”

George looked confused.

“You? Our allies? You are being completely serious? You‘re telling me you want to go with us to stop the Rockets?” he asked.

Andy smirked.

“Exactly.” he said, in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Well!” said Keith, “That’s a first! A bunch of teenagers wanting to ally with the Kanto police force like we’re babysitters, or fairy godmothers that grant wishes, or-”

“Wait.” interrupted George. “I think these kids have potential, and they could help us.”

“Well,” replied Keith, “It’s possible, but-”

“Stop.” said George, and turned to Keith. Andy thought he saw them exchange winks.

“Deal. You give us the info we need, we let you be our allies.” Keith said to them in a cheerful tone.

Andy raised his eyebrow.

“You think it’s that simple, don’t you?” he asked, outraged.

“Well, what else can we do to assure you?” asked George.

“Well,” said Andy, “I-”

But George and Keith were staring at the window with blank expressions. They were completely still.

“Duck.” said George, reaching for his machine gun, “Duck! NOW!”

They all fell to the ground just as the sound of a gunshot and a shattering window was heard. George moved out of the way and began firing his machine gun away towards the window. Keith got down and signaled the kids to follow him. He led them away from the room as George was in a heated shootout with whoever it was who had shot at him. Andy looked back and caught a glimpse of Erin and the blonde man firing away at George as he ducked behind furniture, trying to get away from the bullets. They ended up at the door to the waiting room. Here they stood up.

A female’s scream was heard. The door slammed open and officer Jenny ran in the direction Andy and company had come from. Ronald, and Virgil stood in the room, shouting angrily.

“The Cherish Ball! Where is it?!” screamed Ronald.

They all ran from them, and followed Jenny to a back door, but as she opened it, there stood Carlos, cracking his knuckles.

“Oh, no you don’t!” he said.

Rick stepped forward and kicked him between the legs. As he fell down, everyone turned, and they saw the other two heading towards them. They ran out of the room, to the outside, the grassy valley.

“This way!” screamed Jenny. They all ran, through the thick bushes, away from the cabin, towards the valley with the ruins.

“There they are!” someone screamed. It was Erin and the blonde man, still at the window. A shot was heard, and the blonde man fell down, screaming. His leg had been shot by George, who jumped out the wide window and ran towards the group, Erin close behind him, his blonde hair trailing behind.

“Run to the Ruin Valley!” screamed George, “Come on, run!”

He turned back and continued exchanging bullets with Erin, while the group raced down the wide plains, over to a field covered in old, ruined buildings. Here, the grass was taller than anyone in the group was. As they took shelter behind a large thicket of grass, they looked back and saw the men exchanging bullets. Here in the tall grass his Andy, Rick, Susan, Keith, and Officer Jenny. They nervously watched as George stopped shooting and stared at his gun. He dropped it and ran to the tall grass. He was out of ammunitions.

As he hid, Erin continued shooting after him, but soon, he, too, stood there, staring at his weapon in despair.

“****!” he screamed. His cohorts all caught up to him.

“Where the fucking hell are they, Erin?!” screamed Ronald, “If we don’t get that Cherish Ball, Giovanni will have our heads!”

“You have a Cherish Ball?!” asked Keith, looking from Andy to Rick with much surprise.

“We won’t hand it over!” said Andy back to him.

“That’s fine and dandy, but, we’re gonna get killed for it!” scolded Keith.

“Where are they!?” screamed Ronald.

Ronald, Erin, Virgil, and Carlos began looking all around as the group continued to hide.

Quite the exciting chapter, no? I want to know if you enjoyed it.

Next stop: A Yanmega-sized Problem!

Also, this chapter has, not an epic part, but an epic quote.

Susan Kramer wrote:
“See, I knew I’d be the brains of this group,” she said, smirking, “Two brutes like you guys need someone like me to keep you from getting your hard, stubborn heads out of trouble.”

LOL, I knew that at some point in the story, good old Sue had to say that.
Chatango wrote:
AABM: This song is dedicated to all of you Pokémon Breeders out there: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLGVjrTG5LQ&feature=player_embedded


Drakontas: LOL @ breeding song.
I guess Ditto's a lucky Pokemon?

DNA: it gets it on good *hides*

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Life Aural
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 02, 2009 6:28 pm    Post subject: If a post contains some illegal issues you may abuse on it - just click Abuse and fill the form Reply with quote

Draks wrote:
Quite the exciting chapter, no? I want to know if you enjoyed it.

Next stop: A Yanmega-sized Problem!

Also, this chapter has, not an epic part, but an epic quote.

Susan Kramer wrote:
“See, I knew I’d be the brains of this group,” she said, smirking, “Two brutes like you guys need someone like me to keep you from getting your hard, stubborn heads out of trouble.

LOL, I knew that at some point in the story, good old Sue had to say that.

Indeedeedoo, that's totally the most epic quote from the whole chapter, my friend =D

Say now, this story is getting exciting by the second, I like that. You know, I'm glad you found a way to par that Yanmega part in different chapters, otherwise, it would have been a pain to read whole. I'm also glad that your descriptions are actually better than mine; everything went like a movie to me.

But hey, what this? You stumbled Rick's thoughts in the middle of the scene while the atention level had to be high; according to Rick, Andy won't need him for any longer; as Andy has grown quite a lot as a character from the beginning -- something I failed to do in POL.[/referrence]

Anyways, loved this chapter; hope to see some exciting new addition to it sooner than later.


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PostPosted: Wed Sep 23, 2009 7:39 pm    Post subject: If a post contains some illegal issues you may abuse on it - just click Abuse and fill the form Reply with quote

Can't talk much now, but here's numba-22!

Chapter 22: A Yanmega-Sized problem! Part 1

“You can’t hide forever!” screamed Erin as loud as he could.

The Rockets found themselves frantically searching the thickets of dry grass for Andy and company. Erin, Virgil, Carlos, Ronald, and the blond man searching for those hidden. Andy, Rick, Susan, George, Keith, and Officer Jenny, who all fidgeted nervously in the grass, hoping with all their hearts that they wouldn’t be found.

“We need help.” whispered Keith.

He began to move away from the group, coming close to an old, tattered brick building with nothing but the outside structure, so everything inside was visible here. He seemed to be headed away from the valley. What was he thinking?

As he crawled across the grass, he didn’t notice a Pokemon that stood in front of him, taking in the sun. A Pokemon like the one Andy had seen earlier in the forest. A very large, red dragonfly Pokemon. It had a short thorax and a long, slender abdomen. It had six legs, and two sets of wings with flashy red bands on them. It’s head was red, save for bright green patterns around it’s eyes. It’s tail ended splitting two ways, and also had two spikes.

As Keith crawled, the Pokemon became frightened, and flew quickly out of the thicket, making screeching sounds. This caused all the Rockets to turn around, and Virgil drew a pistol and shot in that direction. Keith, panicking, began to scurry, making much noise, and exposing himself as he ended up in open space, right beside the old ruin.

“Oops.” he muttered, staring at them.

“Gotcha!” screamed Virgil, taking aim at him.

“Not a chance!” replied Keith, drawing his two pistols and charging them.

But Virgil was a quick gunman, and he shot first. Keith reacted quickly by somersaulting across the dry ground, ending up safely behind the old ruined building, holding his two pistols, ready for action. He stood up with his back to the wall, and looked out to see Virgil trying to get nearer. He was in open space, an easy target.

Keith looked out and shot once, but Virgil crouched down and replied with three shots back at Keith, who ducked behind the ruin, looking out only to reply to Virgil’s assaults.

As the men exchanged gunshots, the other Rockets anxiously checked every patch of grass for the others. George signaled at them to keep moving, so they all blindly crawled through the grassy field, trying to get as far away from the Rockets as possible.

“Why don’t they just give the ball back?!” asked a panicking officer Jenny.

George shook his head,

“Oh, you don’t know them. They won’t stop just because they get the ball back. You guys keep going. I gotta help Keith.” he said to them.

Andy, Rick, Susan, and the officer continued scurrying away from the scene as George reloaded his machine gun from some extra bullets he had, and as the men exchanged gunshots back at the ruin, more frightened and angered dragonfly Pokemon flew around, buzzing in panic. They were very confused.

“What’s up with all these Yanma?” questioned Rick as the group scurried across the Valley.
“I just want to know how much longer we must do this.” replied Susan, not tired, but annoyed.

“Quit whining, it’s better than getting our brains blown out by those psychopaths!” answered Rick.

They silently continued crawling. Eventually, tired, they stopped to rest. It was all a turmoil of senses. The smell of grass and sweat, the sound of loud gunshots and buzzing Yanma, the feeling of not knowing what would happen. So much had happened today, Andy’s head began to swim from the confusion.

He suddenly came to his senses from his thoughts as the group heard the Rockets approaching. They looked up to see who it was. It was the ones not in the shootout, Erin, Ronald, Carlos, and the blond haired man, who stopped to check his bleeding leg.

“They have to be around here….” Erin muttered.

Ronald stood thoughtful for a second. He then took from his pocket a Poke Ball that was white on its underside, like most balls, then black on top, with a bright red R in bold paint right above the button. Some kind of Team Rocket exclusive Ball?

“Go, Houndour.” he said, and out came the small, black canine Pokemon with it’s rib-like back patterns on its back came out. Then Ronald spoke loudly.

“If you don’t come out and give us the **** ball, we’ll burn down the valley!” he screamed.

“They wouldn’t dare!” whispered Officer Jenny fearfully.

Erin smiled, taking out two black Poke Balls of his own.

“Go, Houndoom!” he screamed, and two horned, black canines appeared, bringing Andy memories of how they burned down his home town.

“Houndoom, prepare yourselves!” said Erin.

The Houndoom began breathing small, but threatening bursts of flame from their nostrils. One of them began giving eerie howls that made Andy’s neck hairs stand on end. Apparently, it frightened the Yanma, too, as they all flew away from this area of the valley. As they did so, Andy spotted larger, green versions of these Yanma.

Andy wondered what they should do, and, searching his companion’s faces, could tell they were as clueless as he. Unless he was willing to hand over the Cherish ball, which still put him and the others at risk, he had no choice but to desperately watch as the Rockets would burn down these plains, as they did to his hometown of Birth Island.

The small Houndour gave small growls, combinations of hissing and grunting. The Houndoom, black, eerie, and terrible, lifted their horned heads up and began howling, a sound so scary, Andy could feel himself shivering, covered in goosebumps…they were so close, the sound was so loud…Andy was terrified, his legs turned to rubber soon after the thought of standing up, revealing himself, and running…he could feel his heart pounding in his chest…the Houndoom’s howls seemed to emit despair itself….But brought him to his senses as fire began to flare from the Houndour’s mouth, and onto a bit of plain ground.

“We’re not joking!” screamed Ronald. In the distance, the gunshots ceased. What had happened? Everyone was too focused on the imminent burning of the valley to notice.

“Come out now! Final warning!” Screamed Erin, looking around the grassy area.
“Everyone out of here.” whispered George, and began crawling quickly away from the group, fast, but hiding in the tall grass.

Andy saw now that this meant everyone for themselves. He crawled away from the valley too, through the grass, towards back where he’d come from to the town. He heard Rick close behind. Susan and Officer Jenny quickly scurried off towards where George had gone, some grass around and away from the Rockets.

Andy stopped and turned to look back. Upon seeing this, Rick looked back, too.

The Pokemon were vomiting fire from their terrible jaws in huge, orange, and red, and even blue-tipped flames. The dry grass everywhere caught fire quick. For a second, the memory of Birth Island burning down flashed into Andy’s head.

“****!” screamed Rick, as the two boys got up and began to sprint towards town, with many flying dragonfly Pokemon flying in the same direction.

“Over there!” Andy heard someone scream.

He turned. The three rockets were chasing behind them, the Houndour and Houndoom behind as well, blazing grass behind them…all of that half of the field was ablaze, bright, orange flames flickering skyward, and already a dense cloud of thick smoke hovered above the blazing grass. Andy’s lungs burned from the running, and the smoke, but he continued running, the Rockets were chasing after. He thought he caught a glimpse of the other three people running.

The whole place was catching fire, the dry grass caught fire fast. In front of them, there was no fire, and Andy could already see the cabin coming up closer. But around them, the grass was already ablaze. Andy heard loud, earsplitting sounds, much like strong wind, all around him. Looking around a bit while running, he realized it was the dragonfly Pokemon. But he couldn’t see what they were doing.

“They’re gaining on us!” Andy heard Rick say. Rick was now running alongside Andy, they ran past the cabin. Up ahead, Susan, George, Officer Jenny, and, somehow-Keith, were already running in the direction of the town.

Behind them, the Rockets approached quickly, the dog Pokemon running close beside them. They reached the first few houses of town, here, smoke from the valley fire wasn‘t as thick. The dragonfly Pokemon were flying by everywhere here, buzzing angrily. They flapped their wings at so much speed Andy could only see translucent blurs.

And he heard the wind-like sounds.

Small amounts of visible air were emitting from the fast-flapping wings. Everywhere, windows were shattering, making lots of noise. Andy and Rick covered their ears. Behind them, the Rockets caught up, all four of them, but they were too busy looking at the angry Pokemon destroying town to worry about the Cherish Ball, which was the cause of all the chaos.

The humming sound got less loud, Andy took his hands away from his ears and looked around. In town, everything was broken or shattered, the Yanma were everywhere, buzzing angrily and breaking things. A few yards away, by three wooden cabins, stood Susan, George, and Officer Jenny, all with some Pokemon out, fighting off some Yanma that surrounded them.

Susan had Vulpix and Ralts, Vulpix breathing small spurts of flame onto the Yanma, and Ralts stood in front of a low-flying Yanma that fell to the ground, undoubtedly due to a psychic attack.

Jenny had three small, orange puppy Pokemon out, with thin black stripes and small white manes, breathing fire on any Yanma that came within range. She also screamed orders to a large, blue, turtle-like Pokemon, cannons on it’s broad back, who shot bursts of water at the dragonfly Pokemon.

George had out a Pokemon that Andy thought he recognized: a humanlike one, stood about three or four feet tall, in a bluish color, certain areas of it shaded in black. It’s face was canine-like, and on it’s broad hands were single silvery-white spikes. Andy had heard about this one, it’s power was said to be almost legendary-a Lucario. It thrashed about, hitting the Yanma, and as two headed towards it, it jumped up and began to launch fiery balls of brilliant blue at them. The two collapsed.

“****!” Andy heard one of the Rockets say. About four Yanma headed their direction, buzzing angrily. As the rockets ducked to the ground, Andy and Rick ran in opposite directions, and headed towards the rest of their companions.

They reached them just as even more Yanma swarmed around them.

“Help them, will you?” asked Jenny, running past them back towards the valley, with the giant blue turtle running close behind her.

“They’re really angry! Screamed Rick as he and Andy edged closer to Susan and George.

“Well don’t fucking stand there!” screamed George, “Help us drive them out of town! I know it’s stupid, but we have to do something!”

“Zangoose, let’s do this!” screamed Rick, throwing the black luxury ball to the ground, and his silvery white, catlike-ferret emerged, ready for battle.

The others continued fighting, and Rick’s Zangoose jumped through the air, slashing at the Pokemon.

George stared at Andy and blinked.

“Well, don’t just stand there, boy, do something!”

“Oh, right, sorry.” said Andy, reaching for his belt.

“Go! Sentret and Zubat!” he commanded, as his two companions emerged from beams of light.

“Sentret, Body Slam, Zubat, Supersonic!” shouted Andy. Beside him, a Yanma came toppling down as Rick’s Zangoose slashed through the air fiercely.

Sentret waited until a group of Yanma headed towards it, and Zubat, who floated beside Sentret. Zubat screeched loudly, sending a series of visible white sound waves through the air. Two of the Yanma flew off, two started fighting fiercely amongst themselves, and one more, headed straight for Sentret. The small, brown mammal ducked, poised for attack. As the Yanma was about to hit it head-on, Sentret jumped up on it and, pressing all it’s weight on it, made it swerve to one side, passing very close to the ground. Sentret jumped off just as it hit the side of a house with a sickening crunching sound: it hit so hard due to it’s own flying speed.

The Rockets entered town, the blond man and Ronald each with small revolvers in their hands, Erin, Virgil, and Carlos looking around confusedly.

A Yanma passed beside them very close, and nearly hit Carlos’s head. Carlos backed up, him and Virgil falling to the ground. A gunshot was heard, the blond man had spotted Keith behind a nearby house and tried to shoot him. Keith ran behind the house and disappeared from view.
“Sentret, fury swipes, Zubat, wing attack!” Andy called out. Behind him, the blonde man passed by, running, probably to where Keith had hidden, but another gunshot sounded, and the blond man gave a groan. Andy heard a dull thud as the man collapsed behind him, grunting in agony.

Sentret soared through the air, slashing at the Yanma, much like Zangoose, and one of them got hit full in the eye, and fell to the ground. More were crowding around this battle-site, probably the last that were here. Andy heard some yelping, and saw one of the Growlithe Officer Jenny left behind collapse beside him, panting. The other two continued fighting on, slashing and breathing flames and the Yanma threw their loud, noisy sonic-boom attacks.

A group of Yanma surrounded Zubat as it slashed at them with it’s wings. All of them but one disappeared: they were copies.

“Confuse Ray!” shouted Andy. Zubat launched a beam of light at the Yanma that had just had copies of itself, it’s eyes grew blank as it flew around and around, absentmindedly flying into the wall of a wooden cabin.

Suddenly another Yanma glowed, and began to turn into many Yanma at once, what was this curious attack? Zubat seemed to be flapping its wings rapidly and moving from side to side. What was it doing?

At this time, many fainted Yanma were scattered across town, and most of them had flew away. About ten remained fighting. One headed straight for Zubat.

“Tackle!” yelled Andy, but Zubat continued to aimlessly flutter around. It began to glow faintly, and for a second Andy thought it seemed larger for a second. The Yanma came straight for it. Despite having no eyes, it seemed to sense this, and veered out of the way. The Yanma turned back and flew straight for it again, as it glowed brighter and fluttered and seemed to be splitting into two, like a Siamese twin or something.

“Zubat, focus!” yelled Andy as the Yanma came near. Zubat veered out of the way again, but the Yanma was coming back, this time, very close, and Zubat didn’t even seem to notice.

There are certain things I just know will be said, but I have my answers ready.
Chatango wrote:
AABM: This song is dedicated to all of you Pokémon Breeders out there: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLGVjrTG5LQ&feature=player_embedded


Drakontas: LOL @ breeding song.
I guess Ditto's a lucky Pokemon?

DNA: it gets it on good *hides*
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